Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Tulip Music Page Cones

Don't you just love creativeness that's shared on the internet?!  Of course, Pinterest is my all time favorite place for inspiration.  What about you? When I came across these adorable flower bouquets, I knew that I had to make them for Spring for my booths.

I also knew the exact flowers that I wanted to use.  Michael's had been advertising these beautiful bouquets of tulips for only 99 cents each!  They are regularly $1.99 each which is still a great deal but when you are going to re-sell, you want to get your supplies as cheap as possible. I had already cut them apart in this pic, but you get 8 stems of 2-3 blooms each!

At that wonderful price, I had to get one of each color!

One of the things that I'm doing in 2020 is using supplies I have.  Especially glue and paint as I seem to be quite fond of them and seem to have way more than I need.  As can partially be seen here on one tray of my work station has nothing but glues in each section of the tray.

I'm very much old school and when I find something I really like, I remain loyal. As it is with Aleene's tacky glue.  I first used it in the 80's and almost 40 years later, I'm still using it!  It's just hard to go wrong with Aleene's.  Sidenote: Did any of you used to watch her TV show?  Oh, how I used to love to watch her!  Even Dollar Tree now carries my favorite, yay!

I will admit to a new found favorite that my friend turned me on to last year.  Beacon's 3-in-1 is also an amazing glue that can be used on a variety of surfaces.  I especially like it for paper and lighter surfaces.  I always get it at Hobby Lobby or Michael's with a coupon.  But it is only $6.99 a bottle.

Using this amazing glue stick that was gifted to me by a friend (so amazing that now I have to go buy some-- ugh!), I put glue down one side of the hymnal music page and rolled it into a cone. 

Remember... I cut each stem off so I ended up with 8 stems per bouquet.  I used 2 stems for each cone so I was able to get 4 cones out of one bouquet!  

Using these amazing glue dots (totally wish I knew where they came from because they are strong!), wrapped around the two stems, I pushed them down into the cone.  I would have used Aleene's here but these have been sitting in the glue tray of the work station for some time now.

One of my favorite ribbons to work with is crinkled seam binding.  The colors are so pretty, so vibrant, yet it has such a nice vintage touch.  I just love it.

Normally, I would use glue here also.  But in keeping with the 'use what I have, use it up' theme... I went with this double stick tape to stick the ribbon to the back of the cone.  And it worked great!

I'm a little biased but I think they came out super cute.  Super cheap.  Super quick and easy.  What more could you ask for?!

Every single time I make something, I always give it away or sell it and not keep one for myself.  Well not this time!  I kept one of my favorite colors and started my spring decorating.

I had SO much fun making these cute little cones!  I was surprised at how quickly I was able to put 24 of them together.

In the end, 23 went to my booth and they started selling right away.  I guess I'm not the only one anxious for Spring!  =]

29 more days until my favorite season of all is here!  Sure can't wait!  Have a delightful week my friends~


  1. These are so pretty. I love Aleens tacky glue too. I'm a creature of habit. Happy you had success in your booth. Adding pretty ribbon is a great touch.

    Happy to have a new blogging friend.

    I'm following along.

    Have a great day!


    1. Thanks so much for the sweet compliments Cindy! Aleene's is awesome for sure. I'm super happy to have you as a new blogging friend!! When I switched over from primitives to a new direction, I lost hundreds of followers. It was sad but I'll still blog even if no one comes by, haha

  2. 99 cent tulips! Wow! And you transformed them into true spring treasures. I'm a huge tulip lover and my daughters are musicians. These would look great in our house. Now I think I need to make a trip to Michael's and get crafty. Thanks for the pretty inspiration!! Oh...and yes, counting down! I'm so done with winter!!

  3. Ooh...those are so cute! Love them! I'm thinking SPRING for sure...I even bought some seeds today...wishful thinking....

  4. These remind me of the tussie mussies I used to make with paper doilies and fresh flowers from my gardens. You did a wonderful job with these. So sweet and springy. Debbie xo

  5. These are lovely, they remind me of May Day baskets.

  6. Good Morning! I just found your sweet blog my friend The lake house blog! I love this sweet idea! Thanks for sharing...
    Hugs, Roxy

  7. They turned out so cute. I think most of us are yearning for a breath of spring right about now. These are ideal for adding that touch of springtime. I am so glad you kept one for yourself. Love the colors in that one. Have a wonderful weekend.

    1. Thank you Kim! I appreciate you stopping by and thanks for your sweet comments! Spring is my favorite of all but yes, I think everyone is ready for warmth and pretty color again, lol! Enjoy the rest of your week~

  8. I love getting inspiration from Instagram, blogs and Pinterest.

    I have pinned a lot of ideas that I followed through and made.

    Thanks for the sweet comment on my latest post.

  9. Spring finally here. Love those tulips and just what you did with them. I can imagine how cute they would be in just about any room. Many blessings to you.

  10. Angie, those are beautiful! Thanks for sharing with us. I too wouldn't be without the Aleene's myself! Now that you've introduced me to it will have to try the 3-in-1. I love your creations! Good job and you've now motivated me!


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