Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Show-off Time

I finally got around to taking a few pictures of some recent goodies.  Well, in all honesty... I guess I should say I finally got around to doing some dusting before I could take these pictures, hehe!

Don't you just love this adorable bonnet that I bought from Lecia over at Farmhouse Prims?

I was so shocked to learn that she has only been creating and crafting this past year!  Her bonnets are wonderfully made and primmed!  Lecia was so sweet to let me pick out what color I wanted and how primmed I wanted it to be!  I love it and I knew exactly where I wanted it to go... on one of my favorite family heirlooms.  This awesome highchair has a lever on the back that can lower it to become a carriage!

I will share more of the highchair later, that will be a post for another day.  I love the beautiful mustard color of my bonnet!  Thank you so much Lecia, I love it!!

My sweet and beautiful friend Katie gave these adorable little vases to me "just because".  Love them and love her!  I am going to get some single spring flowers to put in each one.

Katie is my one and only friend that lives near me that is getting into prims, YAY!  Finally someone to share prims with!!  She doesn't know it yet, but she will be starting a blog hopefully soon, hehe!  We are going to the Amish community down the road from me tomorrow.  I can't wait to eat at The Dutch Pantry, shop at The Amish Cheese House and hit the antique malls there!

I also received a wonderful box of goodies from winning the giveaway that Tricia over at Hillcrest Home Prims was hosting.  This adorable little shirt is going in my laundry room as soon as I get a peg hook board made for it but for now it looks right at home with my little Amish collection.  It's so sweet with its little cinnamon stick and homespun hanger and it is primmed perfectly with little holes and stains, love it!

I really love this beautiful throw but I'm not sure where to put it.

My daughter got the bright idea to put it on the school desk and since I'm too lazy right now to move everything off of it, this is where it will stay for awhile.  I will probably end up draping it over the desk instead of laying it across it.  Thank you Tricia, I love them both so much!!

Lots of deep cleaning going on here at the Berry Homestead.  Trying to get as much done as I possibly can so I'm not stuck inside when we reach that 70 and 80 degree beautiful, sunshiny weather!

I hope you all are having a blessed and delightful week so far!  Spring will be here in a few weeks...

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hospital Baskets

Instead of the usual Christmas party with yummy snacks and fun white elephant gifts, our Sunday School class chose to do a service project instead.  I'm so glad too.  It was wonderful to be doing something for others instead of fighting over some useless object... which I will admit is pretty fun.

We decided to put hospital baskets together during our class time so we could have pot luck and fellowship after church.  It was so nice to just sit and visit with friends during the craziness of Christmas.

We collected items that would be nice to have for a family that has a member that has to stay in the hospital.  What an abundance arrived the day of the party!

It was set up buffet style.  We have four prayer groups within our class.  Each group was responsible for putting together 2 baskets.  You traveled down the table, filling up your basket.

Of the two, one basket stayed at the church for when a member has to stay in the hospital.  The other basket went to a hospital that day... some went to certain people, others went to waiting rooms.  We were able to bless a church member that day that had been in the hospital for a few days.  Also, a basket was delivered to a member of our own class the week after Christmas.  What a rewarding feeling to know that something you have been a part of is such a blessing to someone you know.

What a blessing it was... we were able to fill 13 baskets!!  More than what we set out to do.  So 8 baskets were delivered, 5 were stored at our church, and many items were left over to fill more baskets in the future.  YAY God!!

After our bellies were full and we saw the abundance of food left over, it was mentioned that the cold, dreary day we were having would be a good day to deliver plates of food to the homeless.  So many, many plates were made up and a convoy of families drove to areas of Tulsa to drop off a plate of good 'ol home cooking to a less fortunate soul.  I wasn't able to go but my oldest son went with another family and he said he was glad he went.  The people were very thankful for their act of kindness.  This was most definitely the best Christmas party I have ever attended!!

I am grateful for my brothers and sisters in Christ who share the same passion in serving others.