Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Cleaning My Junk Room

I spent eleven full days in January working on my junk room.  From the time I woke up till the late time that I went to bed.  There were 3 nights that we had ball games.  But other than that, every minute except for eating was spent on this disaster.  I always said I would never, ever show my mess on any kind of social media.  Well... now that I'm done, I want to show it off because unless you see the before, there is no way you can appreciate the after.  It's still a work in progress but as you can tell in the pictures, I haven't been able to work on anything in over two years! I just added pile on top of pile.  Talk about an overwhelming task.  Geez.

This is actually behind my table where I used to work.  I couldn't even step foot in here.  Yikes!

I started with one wall.  It took two full days and I wanted to give up.  No joke.  But I preserved.  My oldest was gone for 10 days.  So on the morning that he left, I set up a table in his room and just started moving things to the table, then the couch in his room, then the floor.  This is in the process.

I tackled one wall at a time.  By the time I finished the third wall, I was completely exhausted.  I really, really wanted to give up.  But what I did instead was just walk around my room and admire what I had accomplished so far.  It seriously gave me the motivation to keep on working.  My oldest came home on that 10th day and I still had the table set up in his room but his couch and floor were clear.  On the 11th day, I finally finished.  But oh my, what a chore! 

My junk room is in the library for now until one of the kids moves out.  I'm working on that, hahaha!  

Hmm... now that the junk is off the floor, you can see carpet stains.  Oops!

This is uncomfortable for me to share my mess.  It is actually downright embarrassing.  But I am always inspired by "Before" and "After" and I hope that I can inspire someone.

In the end, I am very well pleased with the results!  I have been able to walk in my room and create again!  I have been ecstatic!! 

I'm in the process of spring cleaning our home so I have less time to play in my junk room.  But every single day I at least go in and spend a few minutes... if nothing else but admiring all that hard work.