Sunday, April 2, 2017

Ironstone For A Steal

While out junking recently with my sweet, amazing picker friend, we found a thrift that was mainly clothes.  Reluctantly we checked it out anyway.  Ironstone treasures at prices I have never seen in my life, and great metal pie plates!  $2.25 total for this whole stack!! 😲

At the first piece, I thought surely that's a mistake even for a thrift.

The next awesome piece was the same price.

What is going on here?  Wow!  

I picked up the 3 bowls too because I was just so excited about all the extremely cheap prices.  But notice what they are?  Corning Ware.  Oh well, they're still cute little bowls.  Cracked me up that the thrift priced it more.  Funny how our perceptions are all different.  

And this is where I become a lousy seller because I'm keeping almost all of it, lol!  I have got to start buying things I don't like so I have no problem letting it go.  Anyone else have this problem or is it just me?

Moral of the story... never judge a thrift by its clothes.

It was nice to get some yard work doing over the weekend, but still much to do.  I'm glad I enjoy playing in the dirt so much 😁  Have a delightful week friends~