Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Waxed Corn

Well I tried it and discovered it's not for me.  I was super excited about it but should have known it would be too dark for my liking.  I waxed 2 pieces of indian corn and I just hate the way it took away from the natural beauty.

I'm gonna scrape that wax off.  The whole time I was cutting up the corn I kept thinking how pretty it is and how it's going to be so hard to sell it, being the fall lover that I am.  Now I'm excited that I've decided to keep it all, lol!

I gotta tell you about my little man.  Robbie smelled the cinnamon and came into the kitchen to see what I was making.  He said "Oooh, can I help you?".  He sure loves to help with anything.  Robbie was helping me dip the corn into the wax.  I told him that I didn't like it all and was disappointed in how it turned out.  He asked me if I was doing it right, ha!  He ran and got his "phone" (his sister's old phone) and googled 'how to wax corn', lol!  Pretty smart thinking for a 7 year old.  Scrolling through the phone looking for an answer, he finally gave up and asked me why I wanted it waxed anyway.  I explained to him that it was primitive looking, old looking and I like things that are old and remind me of my grandma.  The wheels were turning in his little mind, you could just see it in his facial expression.  Then he pipes up and said "You mean like that one tv show where the guys take old stuff and make it look new again, only you take new stuff and make it look old again?"  I love all my kids equally but this one really makes me smile a lot, he's always thinking.

Anyway, we decided that we liked the indian corn better natural so we got the icicles and started waxing them.  The good thing is that I will finally have some ready to sell BEFORE Christmas instead of after this year!  =]

I've decided to only sell them by a baker's dozen from now on.  These have natural twine but the rest will be stained muslin hangers, I believe I like that look the best.

I'm really contemplating doing away with Etsy.  Mainly because it's such a hassle to keep track of what sells elsewhere and in the meantime pray no one bought it off of Etsy, making sure to delete it from the shop as soon as possible.  I created a couple of new pages on my blog and will use this to list my handmades.  Also in LOTS of selling groups on Facebook.  Doing really well there but I'm in so many that I forget what I list where, lol!  Gotta find a system for tracking.

Anyway, that's all that's going on here.  My mom came to stay with us for 9 days, leaving on Labor Day.  We spent the week scrapbooking but running around a lot too.  Rich kept up the laundry and the house picked up for the most part which was sweet of him.  But still SO much to do to get caught up.  As always, I enjoyed her stay so it's been worth a hectic week.

I'm grateful for my family that supports my crafting even though they don't understand it or even try to understand it.  As long as they are there to help out and take care of other things then it doesn't bother me a bit.

Thanks for stopping by friends.  Hopefully I'll get some pictures of fall decorating soon.  Have a delightful week, be a blessing~