Wednesday, May 31, 2017

It's Been A Busy Time...

It sure has been a busy time on the home front.  Our oldest son left yesterday for his first deployment.  He volunteered for it and is excited about it so that helps a little.  I'm glad Ryan's looking at it as an adventure but I'd prefer he not be on the other side of the world.  Prayers would be appreciate for the remainder of the year, thank you!  God be with him.

Then this beauty graduated from High School (Amariah is on the left). 
Amariah received an OU (University of Oklahoma) Academic Achievement Award for $15,000. So far, TU (University of Tulsa) has granted her $102,000 in scholarships! And she was 1 of only 5 Seniors to be awarded the Oklahoma Academic Scholars Award. This prestigious award is granted only to those that have maintained a 3.7 or higher throughout 9th-12th grade, the top 10% graduating class, and 27 or higher on their ACT.  She will be leaving us this fall to live in a dorm, but not too far away. 

My children constantly amaze me and I'm so grateful that God blessed me to be their mom!  😊💖

With the youngest being very much a home body, Robbie and I plan on being home a lot this summer.  I have a room (and a garage, yikes!) full of projects that have been patiently waiting on me.  We'll venture out every once in awhile but looking forward to getting back to creating!