Wednesday, July 31, 2013

60 Years

July 31, 1953... so long ago.  

This post is dedicated to my parents Roy & Connie Goins as today they celebrate 60 wonderful years of marriage!  I am so proud of them for sticking it out when times *weren't so wonderful* as we all experience sometime in our life.

Gotta brag on my niece... look at the detail on their gorgeous cake!  No formal training or classes whatsoever, completely self-taught.  Mandi is very talented for sure!

We are fortunate to have many talented women in our family.  Mandi's sister Toni, another niece put together the beautiful flower arrangements.

Then a couple of other nieces, Jessica and Kristin, did the majority of the decorating.

For being a last minute idea, they did a fantastic job of putting this together with leftover supply pieces and I think it turned out to be my favorite.  Love all these black & white photos of my parents put into the shape of a "60".

A wonderful time was had by all, family and friends alike.  I'm grateful for the big, loving family that God has blessed me with.  Being 3.5 hours away from them as they are all within 20 miles of each other sure is hard sometimes and I still get homesick but I'm very thankful for precious times like this as we celebrate major milestones and make sweet memories to keep with me forever~