Saturday, September 19, 2015

A New Journey...

Hi all, and welcome to my new venture, my new blog!  I am so happy that you are here  =]

I started blogging in April 2006 with a personal blog, Ramblings from a grateful heart.  Then in December 2009 I added a crafting and decorating blog, Berry Homespun Primitives .  Here I am in September 2015, starting my third blog.  I do treasure blogging and the wonderful friendships that are made!  I have integrated my other 2 blogs into this new blog to keep the posts going.  I have also kept both of the other 2 blogs open.

After all the years that I've been crafting, I have finally started and registered a business with the state of OK.  I am SO proud!  Back in my high school/college days, my business was named "Homespun Treasures".  This past decade, my crafting business was named "Berry Homespun Primitives".  Now here I am on a new venture with a new name "A Vintage Journey".  And what a journey it has been-- I've been creating and crafting sometimes a little and sometimes a lot over the past 30 years... but only as a hobby.

Here I will share with you projects as I'm working on them, pictures of my booth set up, boutique-style shirts that my husband will be printing, and eventually the fun vintage shows & barn sales that I will be attending!  Thanks for your friendship... be it old or new.  I adore you all!