Thursday, June 1, 2017

Stool Makeover

I finished a project last week.  Finally.

So I bought this stool last year at a garage sale for $2.  Yes, I couldn't believe it either... only $2!  It was really sturdy and really heavy.

I ripped off the carpet that was on it.

And decided to change it out to a round seat, and make it a bigger seat.  So my husband cut a circle out of plywood and screwed it to the base.  I spray primed the metal base.

My new favorite color was added to bring some life to my junk room... aqua!  I spray painted the legs with Rustoleum Seaside.  

The hardest part of the whole process was finding foam to fit.  I couldn't find a round big enough.  So I bought a square piece from Hobby Lobby that was 21" x 21" and 3" thick.  I laid the stool on top of the foam and used a pen to draw a line 1" out from the plywood base.  Then I used scissors to cut the circle out... haphazardly.  It wasn't that easy 😬

I found some beautiful, bright colored fabric in my junk room color theme... red, aqua, and yellow at our local quilt shop and covered the stool.

The thrill of finding a great piece at a great price is so awesome!  But when you actually get to see the transformation come alive... it's very exciting!