Sunday, September 20, 2009

My sister Pam

Even though my sister Pam is 14 years older than me, we share such a special connection that I don't have with my other siblings.  I don't remember her being around the house when I was growing up, but they tell me she used to babysit me while our mom worked.  Maybe that's why we get along so well.  I love all the time that I get to spend with her.  We both share a love of our Lord, our husbands, our families, our friends and all the simple pleasures in our lives that make us smile.

She is my all-time favorite garage sale-ing, flea marketing and antiquing person!  We both love the hunt and we both get so excited when we find that little something special that warms our heart!  When others are with us, they just stare at us as we bubble over with excitement.  It's so funny because I can walk around the corner, see what she has and automatically be jealous that I didn't find it first and happy for her to find something that she delights in.  She is the same way with me.  When others are with us, they don't understand.. they just know that's the way Pam and I are.  They poke fun of us; it is nice to give them enjoyment.  Sometimes when she is not with me, I am saddened that she is not there to share my joy.  But that's okay, as soon as I get home-- I call her so she can share my excitement over the phone.  We don't let miles come between us!  =]

Pam is a wealth of knowledge.  Since my Grandma Goins has passed away and I can't call her with all my questions, my sister Pam is the next best thing.  I love how she knows all about my flowers, plants, trees and what I need to do.  She gives wonderful advice and even tells me what I am doing wrong.

I admire Pam so very much.  She has faced much hardship in her married life, especially in the later years.  When most women would have bailed out and left their man, she stood by hers.  She believed when no one around her would believe.  She trusted God and held onto the belief that He was in control and would bring her safely through her storms.  So much faith, so much faith.  In my life, she is the best model of a Proverbs 31 woman that I have.

I am grateful for a loving sister who has also been a positive and wonderful role model for me.  We share a special sisterhood bond and I wouldn't have it any other way!  I love you, Pam!


  1. Such a nice tribute to your sister! I always wanted to have an older sister so I'm glad you enjoy yours.

  2. Thanks! I have 3 older sisters and 2 older brothers! Yes, I'm the baby of 6. =]

    You know Amanda; I've realized this blog is what I've been waiting on. I've wanted to keep a journal for quite a few years but I always had a "good" excuse. I'm so glad Julie gave that push I needed a few weeks back. I need an outlet that is not necessarily going to be read by everyone I know. I want a place where I can be real and honest with myself and my friends can be real and honest with me (if they need to set me straight)! So I will ramble on because I really have nothing to say, yet a lot I want to say. I really appreciate you taking the time to read my blogs and even go as far as comment on them! But please don't feel like you "have" to. When I'm telling Rich a story, he is always reminding me that "I'm rambling" so here in my blog I will do what I do best—ramble.


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