Monday, December 14, 2009


I live outside of a small town called Catoosa, OK (East of Tulsa). My wonderful husband Rich and I have been living out this way since Feb 1996 with our three loving children: Ryan, Amariah and Robbie. We are extremely blessed beyond what we deserve. Our life revolves around our God, our family, our friends, and our home.

We enjoy the country life! We moved into our dream home 3 years ago. In doing that, we gained lots and lots of space… 1,678 feet to be exact! It has been both a joy and a challenge to make the house “our country home”. I believe I finally have it figured out though! When my little guy starts school next year… watch out! I won’t have a little one underfoot, hanging on my leg, following my every footstep… I’m actually gonna be able to accomplish something. I’m excited to get started on my living room. It will take on a whole new transformation! I can see it in my mind and it’s going to fit our family so perfectly!

Thankfully, I was born into a family of creative women all around me! My great-grandmas, grandmas, mom, sisters and aunts all had a love of some sort of crafting. I am so honored to be passing that love on down to my daughter and even my sons! My dream ever since I graduated from high school has been to have my own little shop. I have evolved over the years by creating and making heartfelt crafts. My mom and I share so many memories of years of craft shows.

All that to bring me to my present life. Having young children (4, 10, and 14) that are very involved in church activities and sports does not afford the time or money for a shop right now. One of these years, though!  Currently, I set up shop at the Tulsa Flea Market on Saturdays as time allows.  I love setting up my tables and making neat displays with all my goodies.  It's so much fun!

So in the present time, I am going to be crafting in-between practices and ball games, gymnastics, church events, my part-time job, and wherever else I can steal a minute or two. Maybe one day I will set up an Etsy store. Until then, I might be posting my goodies on my new ‘Berry Homespun Primitives’ blog.  This blog is not currently active because of the busy-ness of Christmas. So watch for me at the first of the year! Thanks for visiting and I look forward to getting to know you better!


  1. Hi Angie,
    Thanks soooo much for all your thoughtfull comments. I would love to solve the great mystery of the tree and box lol.Hope your New Year is off to a wonderful start.
    Prim Huggs n Blessins

  2. Angie, Welcome to the blog world! I am fairly new to this myself! It is so much fun! I know what you mean about staying busy...I have 13 year old twin boys who play different sports, have music lessons, and have weight room practice twice a week! Whew! Anyway, thank you for leaving such nice comments on my blog. To answer your question....the thing with berries on it in my third picture is a grapevine-like tree. I can't remember where I bought it. I don't even think is is grapevine, but it is something like that and it has the berries/leaves wrapped around it. It already came with the wood box so I loved it! I put it on my living room sofa table for the holidays. I look forward to reading more of your posts.


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