Monday, February 22, 2010

Now back to Mexico

I would so love to see this in winter, wouldn't you?  Do the people that live there and look at this every day even realize the beauty that they behold?

Even the simplest wall of flowers was beautiful to me.

I love how these houses are surrounded by God's creation.  On one side of their house is the ocean; on the other side of their house are mountains.  So whatever mood you are in would depict which window you looked out?

I enjoyed looking at all the interesting and beautiful homes along the way.

We learned that their gate is a very important element.  It represents "status".  As if the humongous homes didn't already state that?!

But the most intriguing thing to me was the simple entrances to such massive homes.  This was my favorite.  I really, really wanted to ring the doorbell to this house, sit out in the courtyard with a glass of strawberry lemonade and fresh pineapple chunks and chat with the owner.  It was so cozy, so welcoming...

Bananas!  How cool is that?!  We wanted to pick them, but they were in someone's yard so we decided not too... plus they were still a little green.

Even in their winter ugliness, the palm trees were still beautiful to me.

Here we are nearing the end of our walk.  I just wanted to throw in this picture of Dad.  He was such a good sport for allowing us to tag along and slow him way down to take so many pictures.

I'll end this post with a few of the things that I really enjoyed seeing on this morning's walk.  Palm trees...


And of course, my favorite... flowers!

I am so grateful that God has placed beauty all around us so that no matter where we are, we can be reminded of His great love for us!


  1. Oh my, how breathtakingly beautiful!!
    I would never want to leave there. Even though the snow outside my window sure was beautiful as it fell to the ground, I am longing for the warmth of the sun, green grass, and flowers! Thank you for sharing your trip with us!

  2. I never knew Mexcio was so beautiful! You have captured it so well in all its beauty. Love the houses too. The flowers are gorgeous. Makes me want spring even more. It is 60* here today, which is a nice change but it is cloudy/rainy/yucky.... oh well.
    We'll be complaining about the heat before too much longer!
    Have a great week my sweet friend!

  3. I found your other blog & am following it lol.It is beautiful....You know most people who live there probably don't realize how beautiful it is.We do though lol.I was born in the Azores ( Portugal) and never new how beautiful the weather was and the scenery was until I moved to the USA Not that living here is not wonderful it is,But there is nothing better then Tropical places..Beautiful pictures thanks for sharing them.

  4. pretty! I'm really missing our yearly trip to Cancun now! :)

    I love love the banner pic. I would love a copy of it to frame!

  5. Very tantalizing to the eyes! What beautiful homes, lovely vistas! We lived on Guam for 7 years. It was beautiful there but once we lived there for a while we did begin to take it's beauty for granted. God is truly a creator of beauty and a beautiful Creator!



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