Saturday, April 17, 2010

A fabulous woman

A fabulous woman is any woman who is whole.
A whole woman in every aspect of the word.
She is complete, unbroken, undivided, and full.
Her mind is heavy with her dreams and hopes, and is on track and willing to learn.
Her heart holds love and desires; and she is ready to share room in it for her family and all that breaths life.
Her smile is beaming with kindness and is given away in a split second.
Her eyes are set so that we can see deep down into her very soul.
Her ears are ready to listen and keep many secrets.
Her hands are talented and prepared for work; helping, creating, making, and holding.
Her arms are far-reaching and willing to embrace the moment.
Her shoulders are strong enough to bare the burdens of the whole world.
 Her legs are equipped for running and walking beside her loved ones;
they are prepared to travel the distance; and even for kneeling.
Her body is predestined for the Lord’s labor of love here on this earth.
Although she may not be physically whole...
she can still do all these things and so much more.
Her capability is unlimited.
She is absolute and total.
She is without a doubt FABULOUS.

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  1. Beautiful huh? I love these words and have shared them on my blog too...sometime back!

    Hope you are having a blessed and beautiful weekend my Fabulous Friend!


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