Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Four years ago

April 4, 2006

Four years ago I started this blog as a photo blog.  More for sharing my pictures with my family, not really for critique.  I just love taking pictures but I'm not interested in making them photo contest quality.  For you photographers out there... sorry you had to hear that!  I had just bought my Nikon dslr and was having a blast taking pictures with my new digital camera.

Over the years, I thought about using the blog to share my thoughts.  But I thought people would think I am the craziest thing they ever met.  I am not at all eloquent with words.  No one would even read it anyway.  So I just continued using it for pictures... until I got tired of doing that.  In 2008, I only had one post for the whole year.  That's so funny!

Then in September 2009, my good friend Julie put out a challenge on her facebook for people to come join the blog world.  I hadn't even looked at mine since the previous year, although I always thought it would be fun to blog.  Those same old feelings came creeping up again.  But this time, I started checking out other blogs.  Then I realized there are lots of crazy people out there!  I'm not the only one!

So I jumped on board and instantly became addicted to blogging!  Seriously, it was an overnight addiction... I was on it all night and didn't get any sleep at all because I kept blog hopping till the next morning!  I still blame Julie for my blog addiction!  Hehe!  But it's a wonderful addiction!

I now have two blogs.  At this moment, I follow 112 blogs.  I am addicted to blogs and LOVE them so much more than facebook!  My family calls me a blog freak.  (They also call me a clean freak, organize freak, craft freak, paint freak... I think they really just think I am a freak!).  But I love them all anyway.  I told them I need a laptop for Mother's Day/my birthday so I can multi-task blog and that will free up the computer for them.  Hoping that works!

Thank you Julie for introducing me to blogging in a whole new way!  I have met so many incredible, sweet, Godly women these past few months.  Women that became instant friends and friends I believe that will be life-long!  I have so enjoyed encouraging, praying, inspiring, and brightening their days just as they have done the same for me!  I never in my wildest dreams could ever imagine such loving kindness could come from a community of women that I will more than likely never see face-to-face while on this earth. When we make to Heaven girls, I'll get my hug from you then!  =]

I'm very grateful for the precious blog community that I belong to.  I thank God for the new sisters in my life and the sisters that I have known for many, many years.  You ALL are so very precious to me and I love you dearly!  Thank you for joining me in this awesome blog world where we live, we share, we laugh, we cry, and we love.


  1. Hi there, fellow blog freak! LOL
    What a sweet post and I'm so glad you started blogging again as you are a dear blogging friend!
    Hope you get that laptop!

  2. Well I'm not sure if I should apologize or say "you're welcome"! I think the world is a better place with your thoughts floating around in it. And I know it makes the blogger feel better to have a place to share her thoughts. It does for me!
    Love you girl!

  3. From one blog freak, clean freak, organize freak, and craft freak to another I am so glad you stepped into the blog world and our paths crossed. You've brightened my day so many times with your beautiful pictures and blog posts.

    I am so behind in my blog reading and I am so glad I took my lunch break to spend some time catching up on your blogs today. Thank you for all the wonderful commented you leave for me on my blog.

    Have a blessed day! Hey, I am going to mow the lawn today ;)

  4. Wow ...You are doing two blogs. Whew, I haven't been able to find the time to keep up with the new one I just created. lol I really love all the crafting pictures. You are so crafty and I love seeing pictures of your home. I can't wait to come for a visit!! I see so many things that I would love to do to our home, but then I remember that it isn't all that big and we have a little one now that will eventually be pulling at things before too long (Izzy loves to come visit & hear Aunt Jennifer say "no-no" every time she touches a pretty). Maybe when we get the new house built and Alyssia is a little bigger. Anywho, just wanted to say that I truly love your blog and you are an inspiration. You should open up your own 'chic' resale store. Those stores are really popular these days!!! Love ya ~jenn


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