Thursday, August 12, 2010

Prim friend goodies

What a crazy, busy time it has been lately!  I just wanted to pop in here and show you some goodies that I was blessed with this past month from some wonderful prim friends!

I won Linda's giveaway!  She is such a generous soul!  She drew 7 names and sent out 7 packages!!  I couldn't believe how big the box was when I received it because I thought I won a baby shoe pinkeep.  Well, here is what all she sent me.

Wow!  It was SO much fun unwrapping everything.  I love it all, thank you Linda!  You are a true sweetheart!!  I'm so glad we have become good friends over the past months because it makes your gifts all the more sweeter!  Go on over to Linda's blog at Parker's Paradise and pay her a visit.  She is always up to something... menu planning, traveling, getting great deals at auctions and giving them makeovers and much more.

I also received this wonderful apron from a new facebook friend that I just met in June.  Oops!  Sorry, don't look to closely at the dust.  I am finally taking all of my Americana down this week then I will dust before I drag all the fall totes out!  YAH!  Can't wait for that!  Isn't it beautiful?  I love it!  Thanks Sandie!

  Sandie Maldonado and her husband Henry are wonderful people!  He had just made her a beautiful dry sink and she was trying to decide what to put inside it.  I remembered a white porcelain bowl that I gobbled up at a garage sale along with a whole big box full of other goodies for only $7!  (I love when men are running the sales... they always want to get rid of their wife's junk, haha!).  I shot her a message asking her if she would like it.  She sent me the money for shipping and I sent it to her.  I hope she doesn't mind, but I borrowed this picture from her facebook.  Isn't it so wonderful that two girls from different countries can come together like this?  I love how the bowl looks in her dry sink.  Perfect combination Sandie girl!

Sandie is another true sweetheart!  They have a wonderful website that you should check out:

I know I repeat myself over and over again... but I truly mean this when I say there is no sweeter or greater friend than that of a prim girl!!


  1. What wonderful prim goodies!! That shoe keep is precious! Have a great day Angie!

  2. Wonderful goodies!!
    Yes, Prim Pals are the very Best! :)
    Have a great day!

  3. I do looooove that dry sink. I have always wanted one of those but have never found the right one...
    Thanks for mentioning my blog. ;)
    I do enjoy our new friendship very much. Have a super weekend.

  4. You have been busy haven't you Angie....commenting on 3 different posts on my blog and lucky you for winning one of Linda's giveaways!! Prim friends are the best!!


  5. great winnings sweetie !how sweet of you to supply the bowl ,everything happens for a reason.have a great weekend.blessings michelle

  6. So sweet of you to share your bowl. Thats what friends are for. Enjoy all your new goodies they are wonderful.

  7. What wonderful goodies you got!! Yes, there are no sweeter or greater friends than blogging friends!!

  8. Wow you received some great prim goodies!! Enjoy :) I love you high chair, very cool!

  9. Hi Angie,
    Thank you for the sweet comment on my blog. Love your blog and congrats on the wonderful goodies you won from Linda!! I really like that hi-chair in your pic with the apron.


  10. Angie, I thank you for your sweet comments that you always make on my blog.
    I LOVE all your goodies and she sent you extra things, she has a BIG heart and to send out 7 packages is the most kindnessand loving heart that alot of us could learn from!

    I always love reading your blog. I also enjoy your comments on my blog. You always say the sweetest things and it sure does make me feel GREAT!

    Hugs my friend,

  11. Hey Angie - You received a great bunch of goodies - aren't prim friends just the best? Thanks so much for telling us about Sandie - I'd never been to her site before and she has some awesome stuff on there - just wish she had a blog too! Maybe we can work on her! LOL

  12. Wow Wow And Wow!!! What a great grathering of goodies Angie!!! I love the dry sink!!!! Very Very beautiful. I shared this on FB and Twitter.
    Big Nik Hugs!!!!

  13. I'm seriously thinking about a pump for my dry sink after seeing yours. I have a red one in the front yard but would love to see what one would look like in my prim/farmhouse kitchen. Hmmm, maybe I'll see if hubby will find one for us to try. Your home is beautiful.

  14. Wow I love your highchair I recently found one at a thrift store for $25 its a highchair, potty chair and folds down to a like activity for baby and has wooden beads on the side!!!


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