Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Amariah's hot pink & lime green bedroom, part 2

Now on to pictures of Amariah's room.  Curtain and bed before...

I had bought a cheap curtain rod (and I mean CHEAP!) at Wal-mart for a dollar or two and that's why it's bowed in the middle.  It didn't even come with a middle bracket but I thought since the sheers were very light it would be okay... not so as you can see by the dip in the middle.  We bought this cute curtain rod with pink glass balls on the ends at Hobby Lobby on clearance.  Not only did it come with a middle bracket but it's pretty sturdy.

Here is a picture of the dresser and junk, er... stuff before...

We moved it to where the bed used to be.  Now it's just organized junk, er... stuff.

Here is a picture of her vanity and a shelf before.  Her birthday party last January was pink and green so she had to put streamers all over her bedroom. I'm glad she realized it was time for them to go.  It's so hard to let them be independent when you so badly want to say No, don't do that! 

So she took off the streamers and decided it was time to put the dolls and teddy bears away, even though they are special.  We bought the colorful glass bottles at Hobby Lobby at 50% off.  They had so many pretty colors, sizes, and shapes that she had such a hard time deciding!  I told her we can go back and pick up a few more since their glassware is on sale every other week.

Little bookshelf area and Dino, the turtle before...

I talked her into grouping her posters in one spot for a bigger impact.  I like how she positioned them.  We bought a plain white clock at Goodwill and painted it pink.  I think it turned out cute.

We bought two bead curtains at Hobby Lobby on clearance.  One was pink and one was green.  I cut them into 2-strand sections and put them on a cafe rod then hid the rod inside the closet.

A little help here... any ideas on what to do with the cords from the hanging lanterns?  I thought about making cord covers in coordinating colors but maybe it would be easier to have my electrician brother change it out to battery operated lights instead.  Any easy ideas?

So there you have it.  My pre-teenage daughter's bedroom.  Not much in the way of major change, just little make-overs that we performed here and there.  It was fun working together to achieve what she desired.  I prefer the yellow & white, daisy & bumblebee stage but I know this is part of growing up.

No matter how much I want to fight her growing up, I choose to embrace her age and enjoy her at this time in her life for I am grateful for each day here on this earth that I have with my precious daughter.


  1. Your daughter's room is just beautiful...So similar to my daughter's with the colour scheme..except Shaneah has bubble gum pink and don't ask me what vibrant green on the other wall..lol..it does look nice though...Now she has decided she wants to change it around again..sigh..talking black..I DON'T THINK SO GIRL!!! lol..maybe one wall..like chalkboard black, that would be cool...She has A LOT of junk..I mean stuff in her room. Thank God she doesn't mind me going into her room every now and than to help her 'organize'...sigh. Hopefully one day she will take after her Mama and be into organizing,,lol

  2. What a beautiful room! Everything is so bright and cheerful, a perfect room for a teen :0)

  3. Her room turned out so very lovely! She looks pretty happy in that picture. I was thinking cord covers too for the lights, but really they look fine like they are.
    Have a great week!

  4. Everything turned out beautiful. I remember going through the room changes with Holly throughout the years...so many of them!! From the light pink girly things, to yellow with stripes, to the bright neon greens, to the stary blue (my fave) where I stenciled silver stars in a wavy trail across the top of the walls; to the creamy colors with pink accents with the antique/retro look that it remains today. So much fun with their expressions.
    As far as the light cords...I would cover them with a scrunchy material cover in a color to match! Batteries could get expensive over time.
    Thanks for all your resent comments on my posts...always a pleasure to have you over for a visit, you are always welcome!

  5. This looks so great. I love the fresh, girlie color and all of her "stuff":)
    Our Fly-boy has beads going into his bedroom - I miss hearing them clack.



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