Tuesday, March 8, 2011

So far this month...

My dear friend Katie and I went shopping in a little Amish community down the road from here.  Our first stop was The Amish Cheese House for some chicken base, jelly, and yummy snacks.  Lunch was delicious at The Dutch Pantry.  It is homemade buffet only and those noodles are oh, so yummy!  Then we hit Cherry's Antique Mall.  We have yet to make it all the way through the mall, lol!  I adore this vintage white bowl that I found for $4.  It has some characteristic cracks in it and stamped Ohio on the bottom.  We bought a bag of molds, cutters, and scoops for $6 and split it so this is my $3 worth.  It's so much more fun shopping with a friend!  =]  Oh, I just realized my cutters aren't in this picture-- they are in my cutter bowl.

The only other thing I bought were these beautiful vintage graphic valentines, I delight greatly in them!  They were so super cheap!  I bought all 10 of these (in both pictures) for $4!

One has a ripped head, hehe, but they are so neat.  They are for "Odelia" and have the years 1926, 1929, and 1930 written on them!  I am AMAZED that they are up to 85 years old and still in near perfect condition!  I can't wait to decorate with them next Valentine's Day.

Speaking of old... this is a Leisure Arts leaflet I bought in 1993, 18 years ago and still haven't completed!  Could I be the queen of good intentions, lol?  Well, I finally picked it up again and decided to work on it while "sitting in line" to pick up my three car rider kids from school.  Yes Brenda, this is "the big one" that I've been working on for years and can't seem to complete, haha!
It says Country Kitchen Sampler, but mine will be a Primitive Kitchen Sampler.  =]

I'm still deep cleaning (yes... bleh!), going to some scrapbooking crops (finally started my 15 year old son's baby book... yah!), and finally trying to decorate for Spring.

I hope you all are enjoying your March so far.  Have a delightful week my sweet friends~


  1. Hi, Angie! Love the vintage cards! i have a few myself. I love ephemera.
    The little white bowl is just perfect.

  2. I just LOVE shopping with friends it's one of my favorite things to do. I like your vintage bowl it is a great find!! I can't wait to see your sampler when you finish it...I can't imaginable having that talent I can't sew a lick!!!


  3. I am so glad that you had fun on your shopping trip. Love all of your finds. The sampler is beautiful!!

  4. Great finds! And I love that sampler - I have a couple that have been sitting there for years too, and I just took on another one! LOL

  5. Wonderful treasure Angie, there are some great places to shop at in your part of oklahoma. I have not been to T town *tulsa* in so long. It is fun to shop with a friend

  6. sounds like you had a great day and found so excellent treasures.I love your header,so cute.have a great day sweetie.blessings and hugs michelle

  7. Hi Angie!
    Sounds like a fun girls day out. Shopping and lunch...they go together perfectly!
    Hey don't feel bad, I never got my first borns baby book done, so I made it a Scrapbook of his life, and gave it to him at 21! Ha!
    (Gave the twins that year at 16!)
    Your sampler looks cute!

  8. Fun finds...and I think the price on the ironstone bowl was great!
    I'm surprised the Valentines were the price they were for the age of them...thought they would be more.
    Love them too.

    Oh you don't want to know how many 'started' stitcheries are in a box in the upstairs closet! lol
    I'll probably never get to them. Good for you!!!


  9. I love the white bowl and cookie cutters - so glad you and your friend had a fun trip together!
    Here's hoping you get all those little jobs done for Spring!
    Best wishes

  10. Nothing better than a good day shoopping with a friend. Finding goodies is an added bonus. Love your treasures, and especially the old Valentine's card. Have a good day.

  11. Hey Ms. Angie!! I guess since you showed a peek of your large project, I guess I will have to show a peek of mine...if I can find it...ha!! I love shopping with friends, it's so much fun!


  12. Hi there Angie~
    one of these days I'm going to Ohio and hit all the wonderful little shops! I adore the old valentines you were so lucky to find! You sound like me trying to clean and decorate for spring!
    Wishing you a wonderful day~

  13. Angie,
    It looks like you hit the jackpot on your shopping trip! I love the Valentines! Have a wonderful day!

  14. I am envious (that's a sin, isn't it?) of your day spent with a friend shopping. It's sounds like great fun :0)

  15. Hi Angie! Looks like you had a wonderful shopping trip. I love the bowl and the cross stitch!


  16. Hey Angie! Love your bowl and the V. cards ~ how sweet! Great prices on them too!
    Hope you'll continue stitching on that sampler ~ that'll be quite an accomplishment when you finish.

    P.S. I don't think I have pics of my Amish living room from yrs.ago that I could send you, but I'll have to hunt around.


  17. Oh, what great finds! You are right, it's so good to make the discoveries with a friend....

  18. Hi Angie: I loooove those vintage Valentines to Odelia...how special to keep her living on by displaying them...so sweet!
    Blessings to you.

  19. Great shopping trip and what great finds! Sounds like a great time!


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