Monday, April 25, 2011

Fabric and sewing goodies

Goodness girls, I have received and bought lots of things this month.  I can't even post it all in one post!  First I want to share some goodies that two of my dearest, sweetest friends that I have never even met have blessed me with!

First off, I'm sure lots of you know our sweet blogger friend Linda from over at Parker's Paradise.  She is always blessing someone with goodies that she makes, finds, or makes over!  I received a "just because" package from her.  When I saw who it was from, I knew it was going to be jam-packed with good stuff and she didn't disappoint!  Oh my word Linda, you are so awesome!!  Thank you for all these wonderful goodies!  It was like Christmas... the ditty bags all had something in them, so much fun to unpack!  =]  

There are wonderful ditty bags, adorable heart bowl fillers, fabric covered eggs in a cute little wooden bowl, a sweet little pip berry wreath and best of all is the piece that it is all laying on.  I used this as a runner for my table... perfect for spring!

As if that wasn't enough, Linda also added these cute note cards that I had to hide from my daughter, haha!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart Linda for your friendship!  I am constantly amazed at the prim friends that I have made since I first started blogging.  Even though I have never met a single one of you, I consider you to be some of  my dearest and bestest friends!!

Another dear, sweet friend that blessed me this month is my facebook buddy Micki Groom Creamer.  She is a doll!  Some of you may know that I have a great fondness for old sewing notions.  Micki had some wonderful pieces that I fell in love with last year.  I found myself going back to her pictures often to get another glimpse.  One day she contacted me and asked for my address because she was getting rid of her needle books and wanted to share them with me.  I was so excited when I received them in the mail!  I search for these every time I go treasure hunting!  Be still my heart!!  Thank you so much Micki! 

What sweet friendships I am so honored to have!  Thank you dear ladies!

Yay for garage sale time!  I was so excited to find this aida cloth for cross stitching for 50 cents a roll and some vintage fabric.

I felt like I hit the jack pot when I stumbled upon this lot of "craft supplies" for $3.00.

There were even some vintage sewing notions and patterns from the 70's, yay!

This large box was a great find at 50 cents!

Well that's it for this time.  I have much more to share and my newest obsession, lol!  This week I am going to work on my sewing half-bath and laundry room because that is where most of this will be going.  Can't wait to finish that area.

Thanks for always stopping by for a visit!  I appreciate you dear friends more than I can ever show you!

Have a blessed week~


  1. I just love all those sewing finds.Great vintage fabrics too.
    Lucky you to find those.

  2. Great goodies from your prim pal friends!!!

    You sure did great great finds, the box for .50cents you can't bet that!!!
    Have a super week.

  3. Wow,Linda sent you some really nice things, That was very sweet of her. and you hit the jackpot with all the goodies from the garage sales. Love it all

  4. Good Morning, Angie,
    I agree, blogging friends are the best! You have lots of new goodies there!!

    Have a great day. ~Natalie

  5. What would we do without our friends? And ones that are so thoughtful and giving are an added bonus. Love all the goodies they blessed you with. And what great finds at the yard sales. Love to go to those things. Not knowing what I might find makes the hunt more exciting. Thanks for sharing and have a great day.

  6. What great goodies!Linda is just the sweetest !Such a wonderful person she is.So glad to have met her and you as well sweetie.Hope you had a wonderful easter.I cant wait till the yard sales start!have a great week sweetie.big hugs michelle

  7. WOW! What awesome goodies you received. Love the needle books!
    Enjoy & Prim Blessings

  8. Wow Angie! LOTS of great new treasures there! I too, love to find the old sewing boxes full of thread, needles and seam tapes - and of course the old tomato pincushions!

    BTW - I'm trying my hardest to make it to the post office today so I can mail your books oof!

  9. Wow, what a lot of goodies from the sale and Linda sent me a box of goodies, awhile back, she is such a wonderful friend! Have fun decorating!

    Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

  10. Thank you, Angie Berry! You are a very dear friend to me! I have truly enjoyed our chats on FB.
    Glad you like these offerings. I do love to share my good fortune!
    Hey---I collect sewing antiques too! I have some needle books!
    I hope you show what you do with that fabric. It's great!

  11. Wow Angie! You got yourself some awesome blogger buddies! What neat things they sent you! I esp. love the old sewing needle cases. How cute! You found some wonderful items too! Can't wait to see what all you do w/them!


  12. How did I miss this???
    Love all our old sewing notion finds, and what a yard sale BONANZA!
    Looking forward to more pics...of what you do with these wonderful old treasures.

  13. goodness it has been some time since I've visited you. Shame on me.

    It's catch up time here.

    Wow, what a stash of sewing goodies...the 'treasure' fairy was on your shoulder wasn't she.



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