Friday, November 25, 2011

Prayers Please

I know some of you already have a home decked out for Christmas, but this fall loving girl...

My original plan was to take down the fall and put up the Christmas next week, the last week of November.  But I'm not too sure that is going to happen now.

I'm asking you, my prayer warrior friends to please add my families to your prayers.  Last Sunday, November 13, we traveled to Missouri for the funeral of my great-uncle Glen Johns.  In my large family, we are a close knit group.  Although this was my dad's uncle, we always called him Uncle Glen.  As well with the other 10 siblings.  Us kids never used the word "great", we just felt blessed to have so many aunts and uncles.  Uncle Glen was so soft-spoken, such a kind man, and loved God with all his heart.  He was my favorite out of the whole clan and I miss him so much.

My husband and the kids came on home that day while I stayed with my parents.  The next morning, we headed up to Princeville, IL for the visitation and memorial service of my mom's brother, my Uncle Jim Smith.  He ran off the road, rolled his truck, and it caught on fire.  His body was 90% burned but thankfully he was gone before he even ran off the road, there were no tire marks whatsoever.  He was a 22 year Navy veteran and was extremely active in all the veteran halls in the surrounding areas.  I was amazed at the very long line at the visitation.  My Aunt Marian said there were people there that she never even knew.  For 2 1/2 hours, over 565 people came through to pay their last respects to our family.  What an honor that was (and very emotional as well) to see the many veterans come through in their dress.  It was so neat to see yet so hard at the same time.

Then I got the call last night that my great-aunt Susie Johns, my dad's aunt that has been in the hospital for several months, wasn't expected to make it through the night.  I received the call this morning that Aunt Susie passed away last night.  She was so full of laughter and spirit all the way up until her entrance to the hospital.  A very loving soul who will be missed.

That's three deaths in our close knit family in two weeks.  Please pray for the Goins', Smith's, and Johns' families for comfort.  Our family has been known for its legacy of faith, love, and family.  For that, I am extremely grateful and I know that God will help us through this time.  Thank you for your prayers, dear friends!

At this thankful time of the year, I have been reminded this month that there is nothing more important than relationships.  First and foremost, our relationship with our Heavenly Father.  If you don't have this or don't understand, please contact me, I would love to share how my Savior is always there for me and loves me unconditionally.  Second, is our relationships with our family members.  Yes, there are some members that occasionally drive us crazy (or more often than that!) but be thankful for them, try to mend those broken ties because you never know when the last minute will come.  Lastly, thank you my dear blog friends that have been with me these past few years for many laughs, and cries.  I may never meet any of you in person, but you are all dear to my heart and mean so much to me.  Thank you for being a part of my life!!  Love to you all~


  1. Oh Angie, I am so sorry that your family is experiencing so much loss all at once. Prayers went up while I read, and will continue in the coming weeks.
    I am so glad for you that your family is close. While that sure makes the end hurt, there is a peace in knowing that you loved one another while here. That is such a blessing.
    Hugs to you,

  2. Dear Angie, praying for peace and comfort for you and the families. Hugs!

  3. Great big hugs to you Angie! I'm so sorry for all your losses. My prayers and thoughts to you and your families!


  4. Angie~ I know it's hard but I'm sure you are in comfort knowing they are at peace.Keeping your family in prayer.Big Hugs!~Amy

  5. praying for your family..been year, we had 3 older family members pass away within a month of each other...very sad time for all of us..and you are so right, about having a relationship with God....makes all the difference...hugs and love

  6. Thoughts and prayers with you Angie. So sorry about all thats happened.

  7. I am praying. So sorry for all of your losses. Will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. God will help you make it through. He is our constant source of strength.
    Love to you all.

  8. I have added these families to our prayer list, so much sadness I will pray for strength for your families to handle this hard time.So so sad,
    Please try to find your christmas spirit, your family members that have gone to heaven will be looking down hoping to see you all being happy , not sad, they're with Jesus, they're fine,
    thankyou for visiting me, please know that I care, best wishes and prayers from Canada.

  9. I am sorry for the losses in your family! Thinking of you, hang onto the promises of God through these trying times!

  10. Angie,
    So sorry about your losses. I know what a big close knit family feels like; I'm so blessed to be part of one. God and family are what matters. I'm glad you have both to help you through.

    Take care and God Bless.

  11. Angie, I am so sorry to hear of your losses and will keep your family close in prayer. It is such a difficult time for those left behind but may it comfort you to know that they are in a beautiful peaceful place.

  12. Sending prayers and best wishes for your family your way!

  13. Angie,
    I so sorry to hear about the loved ones that you loss. Keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.

  14. So sorry to hear of the difficult time your family is presently having Angie. What a great blessing to have such a close family and may you all experience His sufficient Grace at this trying time,

  15. Angie, headed over here as soon as I read your request for prayer..((hugs)) will be praying .....going to add this to my fearless friday post (on my Face book page also so that other can join in praying for your family..

  16. Angie, So sorry to hear the sad news especially around the holiday. My Prayers go to the families and you as well.
    Country at heart

  17. Angie,
    My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family through these sorrowful times. Life is way to short to take anything for granite.

  18. My deepest sympathies to you and your family. And also prayers for comfort and peace, but, oh my, think of the great reunion going on in Heaven! May tomorrow bring smiles once again.

  19. Angie,
    I'm so very sorry for all your losses in such a short time!! I'm so glad to hear that you have a close-knit family and that they love God and have deep faith in Him! I really don't understand how anyone can get along in life w/out Him!
    Praying He'll bring you all peace and rest during this difficult time.

    You are in my thoughts and prayers!

  20. You are in our hearts and prayers, sweet Angie! It is so true, our relationships define us as people. I'm glad to share your love of our Savior and God. Many hugs, pokey

  21. Prayer lifted in this time of sorrow for all of you. Blessings!

  22. Oh, dear Angie. If I am understanding correctly, your family knows a great deal about living together forever.
    Sometimes life gets put back into perspective very quickly and in ways we don't enjoy. I know that your relationship with your Father in Heaven will allow you to get through these rough times. I do understand your relationships with Him and am happy you have that in your life. -Steph-

  23. Hi Angie, thinking of you and continuing to pray. I hope you are doing okay.

  24. So, so sorry Angie for the loss of your family members! I hope that your family is able to enjoy the holidays even with all the pain! Thanks so much for the comment on my blog! You are always so kind! We seem to have alot in common and I am blessed to know you! Good luck on you pillow for your mom! BE sure and post some pics!!

  25. May God bless you, comfort you, and meet all your needs. I ask it in Jesus' name.

  26. So sorry, I am just now reading you know I have been away from my blog... Losing someone is so hard...its hard to find that peaceful easy place when we missed and long for them through their memory! I'm so glad you know the Lord and have that special relationship with him!
    My prayers are with you all. Love~

  27. Thanks for letting me know about the PT problem. I will add the link right in the post.

    I can only guess that Google Reader doesn't supoort picture trail and that its why you can't see them in Goggle Reader - but the link should solve that!!

    I am so sorry for the three recent deaths. Your family is in my thoughts and prayers.

    Wishing you and yours the blessings of this Christmas season! hugs, Linda

  28. I'm praying for you and your family tonight.


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