Thursday, March 1, 2012

Wooden Ironing Board Clean-Up

Hi all!  I have been seeing beautiful snow pictures from some of you and I am quite envious!  We went all winter without one good snow storm.  This is the first winter ever in my kids lives that they didn't get to make snow angels, build a snowman, or go sledding.  Of course, we all love snow days from school when we get to sleep in, stay in our pj's, eat snow ice cream, and play games all day.  None of that this year for us and it is quite sad.  Although... we have been having wonderful spring weather so I won't complain too much.  Today we are to hit 77 degrees.  It is so warm and sunny out there.  We like to take talks when we get home from school.

Yesterday I went rummaging through the garage to see what I could work on outside.  I have been wanting to get my old wooden ironing board in the house but it needed a good clean.

Every shopping trip I took last year, I kept an eye out for one.  They were running $28-$37 and most had huge cracks in them or were broken and didn't set up.  I held out because I knew "my piece" was out there somewhere and I will know when I come across it.  One day last summer, I was out garage saling and it was a bust.  I was ready to call it a day.  I came across one more sale.  I drug myself out of the truck and started looking.  Right there before my eyes was this awesome wooden ironing board that was set up and there were no cracks!  I thought I was gonna cry, lol.  Well not really, but I was so excited!  I was afraid to ask the price since everything else was priced... you know how that goes... it usually means it's more than you want to pay when there is no price on it.  5 bucks is all they wanted for it!  I whipped out my $5 and gave it to her.  Woo Hoo!!  I could hardly contain myself, hehe!

I continued to look around and someone about took my ironing board!  I had to literally run over there and tell them I already bought it and went straight to my truck with it, then went back to looking, lol.  I know they thought I was a nut.  But when you are on the hunt for a particular piece, that's what happens, well for me anyway... it turns me into a nut.  =]  

It is definitely worn and dry wood.  I was cleaning it up with my wood cleaner and it would soak it right up before I could even rub it in.  But just look at the difference!  This is yellow grease pencil.  Normally, it would need to be sanded off but I use a fine grade steel wool with my wood cleaner so it took care of it.

No sanding, just a little extra rubbing in that area and it came right off with no problem.  See the difference?

After all these years of cleaning and painting wood, I am still amazed at the change on each piece that I do.

I really wanted a wooden stand but for 5 bucks, I will settle for a metal one.  I actually like the green metal.  It's really hard to clean metal with chipped paint.  I took a bowl of Dawn dish soap and water and gently wiped it down.  A little of the paint flaked but I would rather it flake off outside than in my home.  Here she is all finished and pretty now...

It's in my laundry room (right by the main bath) leaning against the 3 hole cubby where each of my kids dump their school stuff.

I'm not sure how I am going to decorate around it.  The brooms were already there so I just put them in front of the board but they probably won't stay.  I have been admiring Cindy from Cynthia lee Designs' old wooden ironing board and how she decorated.  Click on her name and go check out her post, check out her whole blog... she is always inspiring me with her way of decorating!  I thought about draping one of my mom's dresses she wore as a toddler over it to showcase her dress (she'll be 77 next month) but I don't really like that.

I'll eventually get it figured out but in the mean time it'll be fun to play around.  *I am gladly open for suggestions*.  There's not much room here so it's not like there is a lot I can do.  I am thinking about adding a small crock (like Cindy did, hehe) to put all my wood bobbins in because this area has lots of old sewing notions to blend in with my main bath.  Oh, and maybe I can add an old label to the crock... right, Linda from Parker's Paradise?  I have this idea of Linda's on my mind and here's another one.  Thank you girls for sharing your ideas and always being an inspiration to decorating my home, I love that about our prim blog community!  =]

Winter is my sewing and stitching time but as soon as it starts to warm up, I am itching to get outside to sand and paint away.  It was fun to work with wood again.  I have lots more in my garage to pull out and play with.

The unofficial garage sale opening weekend is upon us!  I check the ads in our county paper every week and finally there are quite a few garage sales this weekend, woo hoo!  That excites this thrifty, makeover loving heart!

Enjoy your weekend with whatever kind of weather you have.... if you're snowed in, sit by the fire with some hot chocolate and stitch away.  If you have warm sunshine, get out there and dig in the dirt.  =]


  1. Hi Angie, love your ironing board. I have several that are split and in poor shape, but I too found one when we were in SC. I have it in hall next to the laundry. I just have washer/dryer in hall with louver doors. Sure wish I had a mud room. Haven't got it decorated yet either. Can't wait to see what you do to yours. Guess I am just waiting on inspiration too. We had bad storms last night and more on the way for Friday. I so much had rather have cold than all these storms as the seasons change. Have a great weekend.

  2. Angie its beautiful ! I too am anxious to yard sale and get outside and work ! Come on spring :0) But we too are kind of sad not enough snow so far to even play in ! Have a great weekend! hugs lil raggedy angie

  3. Hi Angie - Your 'new' ironing board looks great all cleaned up and displayed in the house! I need to do the same to mine! I had used it for YEARS as a sofa table, then I put it in the garage - might be time to bring it back in the house!

  4. Hi Angie! Love your ironing board and it was a great deal. I would have done exactly what you did and ran after the person who took my treasure. So I guess we're both nuts but I don't mind being nutty when I find that piece I've been looking for too. I found a board last year but I covered it with a cover and I should probably take it off. I like the wood too but I am limited for space in my laundry room. I hope you find the pieces you need to make your display. I was a little disappointed myself as well that we didn't have a nice snow storm this year but hopefully next year. I am looking forward to spring though because of the sales. I miss not going to them. Hope you have a great weekend too!

  5. Hey Angie,
    I just thought of what you could possibly put next to your board. How about an old galvanized bucket/pail and also a small vintage washboard. Then you can put a doily or hanky or homespun or an old dishtowel hanging out a bit from the galvanized pail. Also if you could find an old box of soap and a small farm stool would look good with the pail on top of it. You may be able to find old soap boxes on Etsy or Ebay if you don't have a prim store nearby. Just some thoughts.

  6. It's a beauty! You've worked wonders on it!
    Hope you get plenty more pieces done soon and share them with us!
    Have fun!

  7. Hi Angie! Nice ironing board. I guess I am pretty lucky because the flea markets around here always have plenty of boards for sale--right now I have 5!! They usually run $5 -$8 each. I use them for display at shows or paint them. Your cleanup made a big difference! I am so jealous of your warm weather--it has been drizzly and grey all day here. Have a great day and enjoy your "puttering" with your goodies!! :) Jan

  8. Angie! I forgot to say--What I have always looked for was a CHILD size wooden old ironing board. I priced one I saw at Cracker Barrel one time---$100 !!! I finally went to a large flea/antique market and saw one in the cheap giveaway flea market side--$3 !!! Oh. my. gosh!!! I scooped that baby up and it is PERFECT!! They didn't know what they had(but I did) WOOHOO!! I LOVE my baby wood ironing board!!

  9. Great buy on the ironing board. You cleaned it up very nice. I use to have one, but didn't have room when we moved, so I sold it. I once had it displayed in the sewing room. It really can be displayed in any room of the house.
    Happy decorating
    Country at heart

  10. Love your ironing board Angie.. You did a wonderful job on it.. I have a couple that I sell in the shop and like you I just lean them against something.. I wish I had room in the laundry room here at home but it is way too small. smile..
    You have a lovely large room..
    God bless..

  11. Angie,
    I really love how your ironing board turned out, what type of oil did you use on it? I think I have seen one of these at a store in town, now you have me thinking. Maybe a little simple pip garland hanging from it? Then you could change with the seasons. But I do think your Mother's dress looks nice, but it would get so dirty...

  12. Cute, cute, cute! I want a wooden ironing board now.

  13. You got a pretty board for nearly nothing. Do you have an apron you could hang on it? A sprinkler bottle to set beside it or close? We haven't had any snow this year either, but I won't complain. Have a wonderful weekend.

  14. Hi Angie,
    So glad you put your ironing board out...I know you've been wanting to for a while now. It looks great!!
    I think that a crock with a label on it would look great sitting beside it...and I like the little brooms there too. I've had a few differnt things hanging from mine...had an apron, also had a towel there with some stitching on it, and of course, the doily that I have there now.
    I can't wait to see it when you get it all decorated...have fun trying different things. I know whatever you will be awesome.
    You are a sweet-heart...thanks for mentioning mine on your blog.

  15. I have one also. Very old and got it for three dollars. Yahooo..Like you, I've been playing around with it and moving it here and there and every where. Going to check out the links you shared to see what other ideas I can get. LOL

  16. Oh Angie, we have another snow storm rolling in ~ it is starting to snow now.
    Love your ironing board ~ such a wonderful piece!!!
    Hope you find lots of goodies at the garage sales!!!
    Prim Blessings

  17. I love this post. You make me laugh decribing your garage sale experiences. It sounds so much like myself. I would have skippped all the way back to the truck and giggled in delight all the way home. I also wouldn't be past being rude to someone if they had thier hands on it after I had purchased it. What a beautiful piece. I am so glad you found it and cleaned it up. I just know you will find an amazing display for it.
    We have had a couple of good snow storms but the snow never lasts more than 1-2 days. What is snow Ice Cream. I have only heard of it once before.

  18. Those old boards are so fun to use in displays. Yours is beautiful. I have a large one &'a child size one. Blessings!

  19. Love your board! I had a similar thing happen to me this past week when I finally found a silver 5 arm candelabra. I was thinking of an idea for your ironing board. One thing I think that would look good is a nice wreath hanging from it. Just a thought though :)

  20. Angie you really got a beautiful ironing truly is in good condition isn't it. Lucky you!

    I have my husbands's lovely too.


  21. That really is great! I get so many wonderful ideas from my blog buddies,too! ♥

  22. I just found you through a different blogger and instantly became a follower. I inherited my gramma H's wood ironing board. Currently I have it up against a wall with a chair in front. On the chair is a sad iron with a linen towel and a few vntage soap boxes. Loved your idea of adding your mom's dress to yours. Great find! Take care, Janice

  23. Hi Angie! Your ironing board make pver looks great, a perfect addition to your laundry room! I don't have much floor space in my laundry room and I ended up displaying mine one a shelf above our washer and dryer. I just love mine too :D

    We are having a beautiful day here today! It's 60 degrees!! The snow is melting and spring is on it's way.

    Please let me know if you are able to respong to this comment. I THINK I have it fixed.

  24. Awesome job on that ironing board Angie...maybe I should do that to mine!


  25. I have an old ironing board too... but it's sitting in the basement because I have no room for it. HOWEVER, I'm still not getting rid of it because I LOVE it too. Yours came out beautifully. I'm sure you'll figure out just the right touch. :-)


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