Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My Blog Name...

Hi friends!  Nice to see you all once again.  I'm so excited to say that I was able to quit one of my part time jobs last week.  YAY!  Good-bye Hobby Lobby (till next summer).  We have so many wonderful fall and Christmas pieces coming in that it's a good thing I'm getting outta there, lol!  I will only be substitute teaching at the kids' schools.  So thanks for hanging in there with me over the past five months as I've been away.

Our very sweet friend Karen, from My Colonial Home blog, is having a fun giveaway that you must join but quickly... the deadline is September 28.  All that Karen asks is that we do a  blog post about HOW YOU CAME UP WITH THE NAME OF YOUR BLOG.  My story is short and sweet.  Berry Homespun Primitives came about in January 2010.  My name is Angie Berry and I have berries all over my home so it only seemed natural to have the word "berry" in there.  Homespun is my one major weakness that I buy anywhere and everywhere that I go.  It's my favorite medium to craft with.  It has such a cozy feeling to its name also, don't you agree?  Primitives has to be in the name because well... I just love primitives.  For years I tried to find what my style was and could never find a 'name' for it.  Country was the closest thing but I wasn't the cutesy country.  I have always loved antiques and started collecting while I was still in high school, living with my parents.  I was SO excited when I first came across primitives and couldn't believe I finally had a name for my style, lol!  Anyway, that's my story.  Thanks Karen for such a fun giveaway!

While you're here, I would like to share with you one of the very few projects I was able to work on and finish this summer.  I was hauling this beauty to the car from a garage sale and my husband asked why I bought something that was scratched up, falling apart, and not worth the $$.  You would think that after 17 years he would just get used to it and not question but sometimes it takes him awhile!!!

The price tag was $5 but as I was sitting it down on the table, one of the plastic inside pieces to a lid broke so she came down to $3. 

It is pretty scratched up but a good, sturdy piece of wood. 

Well thank goodness she came down on the price because as I was working on 2 of the lids, their plastic inside pieces broke as well.  Bummer!  So I had one good lid, lol.  But that's okay.  As often as people are in the jars, lids would just be in the way anyway.  Here it is finished:

After I sanded the piece down slightly, I painted it one coat of red.  Then 3 coats of black.  I finished it off with ebony Briwax with steel wool and it distressed the piece for me as I went along.  I wanted this piece to mainly be black with just a little bit of red which is why I only did one coat of red to 3 coats of black.  

This lid is actually not on it anymore.  I put it up in case I come across some more just like it sometime.  I think it makes for a nice candy holder.

Funny thing is... when the candy was in the pantry in a bowl the kids were always getting in to it as they hid behind the pantry doors.  Now that it's out in the open, it seems to last a lot longer, haha!  I guess it's more fun for them to be sneaky.

Thanks for stopping by my sweet friends!  Looking forward to seeing what you all have been up to this summer since I've been gone.  Have a delightful week~


  1. Well Jeepers, It's about time you reappeared! I've been missing your sweet posts! I will have to start watching GW to see if they have some of those lids for you. glad your back, stop by for a blog visit soon.

  2. Oh, it's good to see you around again! Work has a way of using up our fun time, lol1 Hope you enjoy your substituting ~

  3. I was afraid I had been too busy crafting and had missed seeing your blog. Apparently not! We all have our ebb and flow with blogging.

    Love the new candy jar! If it was chocolate, my family would sniff it out no matter where I had it. Which is why I don't buy chocolate that often.......

  4. Love what you did with it! Darn...I had one of these years and years ago and got rid of it...wishing I hadn't now because I love your idea.

  5. That is a GREAT idea for your find. As a grandmother I should have one of those! I'm now going to start looking! Thanks for stopping by my blog also!

    Now I'm going to check out the give-away you mentioned!

    in JOY, sandy

  6. Well, welcome back to the bloggy world, Girlfriend! Glad to hear all is well. Yes, I'd say your name suits you perfectly! Glad you joined the challenge. Clever idea Karen had there..... Sweet candy jars too....that would spell danger here in my nest (for me at least!!) Happy Wednesday! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  7. I'm glad to see you again!!! You're right about the lids, you don't need them, they would be in the way!


  8. HI ANGIE,
    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR JOINING MY CHALLENGE...and I could guess the one part of your blog name but glad you told about the other parts.
    It's a name that flows nicely.

    I looooove the candy jars and I like them better with NO LIDS...looks very old fashioned like they used to be in candy shops.


  9. What a nice job you did for your candy. Love how you got your blog name too. Take care, Janice

  10. Hi Angie! Nice to see a post from you--wouldn't you know...you show up just as I disappear!! :) Love your candy jar project--I'm a BIG fan of black over red. Hope you find more time for creative projects like that!!--Jan

  11. Hi Angie!
    Nice to see you again and loved hearing about where your name came from. I too LOVE LOVE berries and I'm slowly collecting them. I also started collecting country/prim goodies throughout high school and college. I had quite a few looks about why I had decorations for a place I didn't even have lol. The candy jar holder looks great by the way!

  12. So glad you posted again! Missed you!! Very fun that you showed the old glass canister set and how you re-did it....I hunt for these to re-do and sell. They always sell quickly after they're primmed. Love how you did yours!! Hope you're back to posting more often....yours is the first of my favorites I go to when I have time for the blogs......Hugs..Diane

  13. I am so happy that you can blog some more again!!!!! That candy holder is awesome. My kids would be just asking for it all day if it were out in the open like that. At least in the pantry, out of sight out of mind. You did a wonderful job on the remake. Now, your hubby is probably impressed with you:) No more asking what you got it for. Have a great day. -Steph-

  14. One can never have enough canisters! Looks like you did a great job primming them up. I just became your newest follower...Blessings...Pam

  15. So good to see you posting and I LOVE your candy container. Isn't it funny how they don't get into it as much when it is setting out? Loved that.

  16. Hi! Very interesting. How have you been doing lately? 'Missed you lots :)

  17. Hi i think they look good like that , its turned out fantastic :-)

    Blessings Heidi


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