Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A few fall pictures...

Hi friends!  Thanks for sticking with me while I've been away.  I noticed I even gained a few new friends, wow thanks!  I love my quaint, quiet, little blog.  I sure have missed it and have missed all of you while I've been living a crazy busy life running three kids here, there, and everywhere.  My oldest son started on the JV football team so that's kept us very busy, but much much fun and so exciting!  They only lost one game all season.  Proud mom moment... sorry gotta post a picture.  He finally got to play defense and here is his very first tackle...

Once he got the taste of it, he was a tackling machine.  Our Varsity boys didn't fare as well so I'm looking forward to next year already. But first we move straight from football right into wrestling along with my middle school daughter who is playing basketball and little man is playing basketball too.  Thankful for sports because it gives the kids a real taste of "team" and how to work together.  It also has been proven to build self-esteem and I can honestly say that I've seen that in both of my older kids.  But... sure miss my crafting, creating, "me time"!!  

I know some of you have already moved on to Christmas but I am still in fall till the end of November.  Wanted to share a few pictures with you. 

I found this old black typewriter back in the summer at an auction.  My dad worked for Royal typewriter back in the 50's for a long time so my sister and I have been on the hunt for one to give him.  I was so excited when I found this one, it still works and has a ribbon!  I finally shared it with him and he said I could keep it (he saw how excited I was about it and didn't have the heart to take it from me, haha).  Whew, thought I was gonna have to give it to him, lol!  For Christmas, I'm going to put a letter to Santa in it... how fun.

The keeper of the holiday tree for fall is a cute little scarecrow that my niece was going to throw away so I saved him.

Even the candy jars got a little taste of Autumn (notice how the chocolate jar is empty... we like our chocolate!).  If you read my last post, you know about my lid dilemma.  I decided to keep the lids off.  It looks more like an old time candy store display, it's cute I love it!

Just a little something for the antique chair.

One of my favorite finds this summer at a garage sale was this Tea Leaf ironstone pitcher.  The top loop of the lid was broke off so I got it for only $3!  It matches the platter that I've had for years that belonged to my great-grandma.  It has a few chips in it but it's been in my family for many years so it is very special to me.

If I don't get to your blog by Thanksgiving, I want to wish you a very blessed and happy time celebrating thanks with those you hold dear to your heart~


  1. Hi Angie, it is so good to see you posting. You are, I'm afraid, in the busiest time of your life. Been there and even though there is not much ME time, these are certainly fun times for all of you. You will meet so many wonderful people through sports. I am trying hard not to covet your TeaLeaf teapot. I would love to have a whole set of that. Don't forget to keep us posted with your goings

  2. And a big Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family Angie. I know you're a lady that counts your many blessings and you're thankful for each one. Me too! I did miss you, glad you had time to post.

  3. Yea!!! You mad a post:) It's so nice to hear from you. I haven't done any Christmas decorating yet either. Fall will stay up until a day or so after Thanksgiving. If I had it my way though,it would be up now. Your antique chair is sooooo beautiful. I oogle every time I see it and the candy jars would be a welcome sight at my house. Thanks for being such a good friend and for lifting me up. It's nice to have another mother to visit with. Even if yours are a bit older:) Have a great day. -Steph-

  4. Nope, you didn't mad a post:) You made one. Silly me.

  5. Hi Angie--nice to see you posting!! We've all missed you a lot! Wow...I remember the days of kids, football, track,soccer,basketball times two!! Sometimes I didn't remember which one I had to pick up or drop off!! I miss those busy times though!! Love your autumn chair...and chocolate in OUR house probably wouldn't even make it to the jar!!! LOL! Happy Thanksgiving!---Jan

  6. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, Angie! Funny how Dad wanted you to keep the typewriter. I like your decorations, and the teapot find is really special ~

  7. Hi, Angie! I remember the days well. I enjoyed every bit of the craziness with 4 kids all in some stage of sports, scouts, chorus, orchestra. But I wouldn't want to repeat it! It's why old people are tired. Kids take up 80% of their allotted lifetime energy in just a few short years!!

    Just a thought but it might be fun to write your dad a letter from either you or Santa on the typewriter and mail it to him. That way he has a part of the typewriter with him.

  8. Hi I love stopping into your blog. I have also been tied up and haven't been posting. My son who is now 26 was in football and recieved many adwards. I am sure you enjoy watching the games. I love all you styles of something old and making it so warming as well as creative. I wish you and your family Happy Hoildays.

  9. HI ANGIE....yep, it's me finally...I'm sorry I haven't been here before this but like you life has gotten in the way of blogging.
    I'm lucky to get a post published.
    Congratulations a bit late for your son - how fun for him.
    Oh my goodness that typewriter is the best - now that's a wonderful daddy that could see through the
    Glad you got to keep it and I love the Santa letter idea.
    Blessings and Merry Christmas to you and your family.


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