Sunday, August 18, 2013

Crafting again...

I've had a very busy couple of weeks of crafting and it has been a blast!!  I can't even remember the last time I was able to spend so much time doing what I love.

This is what I was doing last night until the 3rd time I cut into my finger with the big knife and my son suggested I stop.  But none of the cuts bled too much, haha.  Cutting up Indian corn for waxing.  Can't wait to see how it turns out, I'll be back to share with you.  I'm not doing them extreme prim, but just enough to more or less seal it and add a little cinnamon scent.  I definitely want to be able to see their beautiful colors!

After I took a break from that, I had the family carry down 8 totes of fall... my very favorite season of all!!!!!!  Robbie had so much fun helping me unpack it all... his choice, by the way.  It was cute to hear his little 7 year old mind talk about remembering all the pieces as he unpacked them and how much he loves them, lol!  A sample of what this week holds for me...

Robbie and I went outside today and put the scarecrows out.  I just love sweet potato vine.  Glad it's cheap as I have to buy some every year.

I want to share some of what I've been working on.  I bought this cute fall fabric at JoAnn's a couple of months ago.

...and turned it into this...
These are slowly being filled with sawdust to make into little bowl tucks.  I say slowly because they are small and the fill hole is even smaller, lol!  So they have been a booger for sure.

I'm extremely happy to say that I sold my first wholesale order to our sweet friend Patti Leitzel, proprietor of THE BRICKHOUSE CRAFT SHOP.  The wonderful shop is located at 1625 State Route 209 in Millersburg, PA so if you are ever in the area please stop by and tell her and her husband Tim that I sent you.

I wish that I had taken a picture of them all before I boxed them up but I forgot.  I bought this fabric at Jo-Ann's also.  I love to look for squared off designs that I can cut apart and make into little pillows/tucks.  These ended up being 5" x 6" and I backed them with red/green homespun.  They are filled with fabric scraps and cinnamon, I love the chunky, old-fashioned feel of these!  Here is what one of them looks like.

Last Tuesday was our first day of school.  Don't let their expressions fool you.  Ryan will be a senior this year.  He's actually looking forward to it, he just hates when I take his picture.  Amariah has a fake smile hiding her fears and anxieties about entering high school as a freshman.  Robbie's expression is about right... he's not sure what to think about entering 2nd grade in a new elementary school.  They crack me up and sure make our life fun!  

Ok, time to get back to work... lots to do to get autumn rolling around here.  Looking forward to seeing your pictures of beautiful fall colors around your area and your wonderful fall decorating in your homes!  =]

I'm grateful for the three awesome kids in our lives.  As we enter the busiest time of year for us as football is in swing now with basketball soon to follow, I'm thankful that God blesses me with time to craft and create, so relaxing for me.  Thanks for stopping by, wishing you a grand week ahead~


  1. Wow Angie - You've been busy! Have fun decorating!

  2. Hi Angie! I just came across your blog today :-) I love this post! I'm glad I'm not the only one with multiple tubs full of fall decorations :-) I have been slowly putting things out and enjoying it! I love your little pillow tucks!!
    Hopefully you'll stop by and visit my blog when you get a chance.. Have a wonderful day! Hugs!!! Melissa

  3. What a beautiful family you have! My youngest is a senior this year, too. So hard to believe that they (me!) are this old :/ Fun in a lot of ways, bittersweet in others.

    I love Indian corn. I'm looking forward to seeing how your project turns out. Your porch is so cute. Your pics of your fall bounty are so pleasing to the eye and heart of this fellow fall lover :D

    Glad you are having so much fun!

    Susan Montgomery

  4. Hi Angie,
    How wonderful to have Patti buy your products...I had mine there for awhile too.
    Congratulations!!! The pillow tucks are just darling. I see so many fabrics out there that you can do this with - nice how they made it so easy for us crafters...and they didn't even know
    Beautiful family Angie!

    Fall is my favorite season too. I do not like Summer at all - I suffer from the heat something awful. So come on Fall!

  5. Your kiddo's are beautiful! I've always wanted to wax corn, let us know how it goes! Did you grow your corn? Love your tucks, can you find a small plastic funnel in the auto dept for the sawdust? If the spout fits in the stuffing hole, use a knitting needle or wooden skewer to poke it thru? I'm off to stuff right now - keep on creating! ~*~Lisa

  6. Such a lovely post Angie, enjoyed every word:) Your tucks are beauties, sweet potato vine is one of my faves too. Wishing you a great week to come...

  7. Well Angie, you been super busy! Love those little pillow tucks! I have some fabric that I could do that with, but ha ha, getting me to do it! Our school here in Texas starts Aug 26. Your children gave me a big smile! I am now a great-grandmother with a great-grandson starting first grade! God is good yes He is! To bless me now with wonderful great-grandchildren starting school. Many happy memories of long ago with my children and now their children's children making many more. I too love Fall with all the pretty colors! Thanks for stopping by and visiting one of my blogs. I have three and that is way too many to keep updated...I think it is because of LOL, my pinning on Penterest! I do check on you often but don't always leave a comment...Hugs, Judy

  8. Hi Angie,
    SEW glad you had some time to create!
    It's always fun shopping at JoAnn's. We are getting a new store in Sept. Can't wait!!
    Congrats on your wholesale order!
    Your kids looks so cute!

    Prim hugs,

  9. Holy Moley you have TONS of fall stuff, LOL.

    Love the corn, will be soooo pretty waxed.


  10. What cute pillow tucks! I've been doing some machine embroidery and making them into little pillow tucks.
    I hope to put my Fall décor out in about 2 weeks.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  11. Angie, Paula and I were visiting on facebook and she mentioned you finding Matts picture on my blog. Isn't it a small blog world! I was telling Paula I was in Joplin shopping one day and a lady approached me and recognized me from my blog in which she read often. Well I was thrilled, as with this! Don't you just love this blogging. I can spend many a hrs. in the evening gathering ideas. I have been a para in a special needs classrm for almost 30 yrs but if could do anything else it would be to open a small shop and create all day. Ive read through many of your post and we have so many decor likes in common. Ive added you to my favorites and will be checking in with you often. My daughter Taylor and Matt have been dating for 7 mths now and we just love him. He is such a fine young man and we couldn't be happier with him for Taylor. Love that he's a good christian guy and since school has started they take turns visiting each other on wkends. I love that he's in church everytime the doors are open! They met at our community college as he played baseball here. well Im so glad to meet a new prim friend and I will be visting your blog often, thanks for stopping by mine!!

  12. Aw you are putting me in a Fall mood!! Can't wait to see the fall corn when it is done!! Way to go on your whole sale gig!! Lookin forward to seein your house all decked out for Fall!! Pressures on Amy!! LOL Do you decorate your laundry room too for Fall? Just wondering!! XOXO Love Fran.

  13. Girl, you have been a busy little bee. Love the bowl fillers and can't wait to see what you're talking about w/ the corn. I'm not really ready to decorate yet but I am getting there. Hoping this construction project going on right now will soon be finished so the hse looks clean enough to decorate for fall. You are so blessed w/ sweet beautiful kids. They grow up too fast!

  14. Hi Angie!! Lots of cute Fall stuff in those totes! It's nice that the kids have memories of each piece as they unpack them. You've been so busy! Love the tucks.. I've been so removed from sewing lately.. I always looked forward to seeing the new fabrics that came out each season. Congrats on the wholesale order! Let's see a pic when you have the corn finished!...hugs, Jan

  15. What fun to do with your son.
    Each memory is a treasure.
    I can't wait to see your corn.
    Be careful friend.
    Woolie Hugs

  16. You have been busy, Angie, and that's a great idea for pillow tucks. Have a blessed day!

  17. Hi Angie! I'm so happy to see you back at crafting again. I like what you've made so far, awesome. The Fall colors are so beautiful and sure do put inspiration into us.
    It's back to school around here too. Your babes are adorable and that oldest one sure does look confident... lol.
    Now to tug on hubby and get our porch dressed up for Fall so I can share our pics.


  18. I just about cut my finger off striping corn too:) Your corn is just beautiful. My kids love helping unpack the fall totes. They help decorate too, but the next day, when they are at school, I rearrange it all the way I want! I won't be getting out the fall stuff for a couple of weeks though. Congrats on your first wholesale:) That's a big accomplishment. I can't wait for the first day of school. I love my kids to death, but they need to go. ha ha. You have beautiful children. I know you are so happy and blessed. -Steph-

  19. You're a girl after my own heart, already getting the autumn decor out! Once school starts, it just feels like time, doesnt it? Your little sachet pillows are so sweet! They're perfect in those bowls.
    Im so glad that school has started, but now it seems like the hot weather is back!
    happy crafting!

  20. You have a very cute family! :) love to see what you do with the corn! I love to craft, Fall and winter are when the farm calms down and I find the time! Have as great day!

  21. Goodness you sure have been busy!!! I can't wait to see everything when you get all decorated!! :)


  22. Can't wait to see the finished decorating. I am having a hard time getting mine to look right this year. It just looks cluttered to me. Hurry, so I can get some ideas!lol

  23. Lovely Blog! Looking forward to reading it. Best, Tina

  24. What great Autumn decorations. I love how you used the fabric for little pillow tucks :)

  25. Hi Angie! Thank you for your visit to my blog :-) I love being surrounded by the things I love! I love to sit down at night and look around and just smile at all the little vignettes on the shelves.. They are always changing with the season around here :-) I enjoyed my visit to your blog as well.. Thank you for coming by for a visit! Hugs!!! Melissa
    P.S. Just wait until I post the pics of my fall decorating, we have a lot of the same decorations :-) I have scarecrows very similar to the ones you have on your porch for my front yard.. I got them at Joannes one year.. :-)


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