Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Upcycled Embellishment Rack

While I was overhauling the great mess of the junk room, I did take a break every once in awhile to work on this little project.

I have been looking for a spice rack like this while out junking and you know how it is when you're looking for something specific... you never come across it.  I was seeing them all the time.  Then I saw someone painted one and used it for beads.  Aha!  Perfect for embellishments... get them out of all those little containers and I'll actually be able to see what all I have.  But as always for me... I never came across another.  Why does this always happen?  Hahaha!  I don't ever buy or sell on those online groups but for some reason I found myself in one.  And I came across this spice rack for $5.  I immediately contacted the person.  I drove and drove and drove way out in the county and spent more than $5 in gas to get to this baby, lol!  But at least it was a beautiful day and I adventured down country roads that I've never been on.  So it was a nice drive.

It was definitely used and the people I bought it from even left me some spices, lol!  So the first thing I did was put the jars and lids in a tub of hot soapy water and let it soak overnight.  The jars then went to the dishwasher, while I scrubbed each lid by hand.  I let it all dry overnight.  You want to make sure everything is completely dry before you start to paint or the paint won't stick... no matter what kind you are using.

The first thing I did was spray gray primer on the rack.  I found a thick metal rod that was to be recycled so I put a lid on the end and rotated it in the air as I sprayed primer on the top and sides of each lid.  I was able to set the rod in a bucket of sticks for a few minutes so the lid was not touching anything.  Once it was slightly dry so I could touch it, I moved it over to a piece of cardboard that had a glossy finish to complete the drying.  At this point, you need to be careful where you place your spray painted pieces as it will stick to most surfaces.  Something with a glossy finish or wax paper will work great.

I thought I had more pictures of this process but as I was strolling through pictures, I realized this was the timing of my daughter getting an acute concussion being out of basketball for the rest of the season, along with her being a Sr. Homecoming attendant so there was much going on.  In my junk room I have a little cream, mostly espresso brown and darker vintage colors.  I decided it was time to liven it up and bring in some bright cheery colors.  Along with Gloss apple red, this is the color I've chosen to accent.

What a fun piece to add to my junk room!

I have been able to get rid of numerous little containers.  And it was so exciting to see some of the littles that I completely forgot I had!  

Working on another little project for my junk room but it's going much slower.  Spring cleaning and working in the yard leaves little time for play, sadly.  😉

Wishing you a blessed rest of the week and a wonderfully sunny Spring weekend~ 


  1. What a wonderful and worthwhile project! You have a lovely blog.

    1. Thank you Linda! It's been fun to give new life to something no one wanted. It's perfect and wonderfully used now. =]

  2. what fun colors! You did a good job upcycling!

    1. Thanks girl! Those are my new colors and let me tell you, it sure is livening up the craft room and making it brighter!


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