Thursday, June 1, 2017

Stool Makeover

I finished a project last week.  Finally.

So I bought this stool last year at a garage sale for $2.  Yes, I couldn't believe it either... only $2!  It was really sturdy and really heavy.

I ripped off the carpet that was on it.

And decided to change it out to a round seat, and make it a bigger seat.  So my husband cut a circle out of plywood and screwed it to the base.  I spray primed the metal base.

My new favorite color was added to bring some life to my junk room... aqua!  I spray painted the legs with Rustoleum Seaside.  

The hardest part of the whole process was finding foam to fit.  I couldn't find a round big enough.  So I bought a square piece from Hobby Lobby that was 21" x 21" and 3" thick.  I laid the stool on top of the foam and used a pen to draw a line 1" out from the plywood base.  Then I used scissors to cut the circle out... haphazardly.  It wasn't that easy 😬

I found some beautiful, bright colored fabric in my junk room color theme... red, aqua, and yellow at our local quilt shop and covered the stool.

The thrill of finding a great piece at a great price is so awesome!  But when you actually get to see the transformation come alive... it's very exciting!


  1. Great transformation! It looks 100x better than when you bought it.

    1. Thank you Jessica! It's super comfy now too. Sometimes I'll just sit on it and look around my junk room. lol!

  2. Beautiful re-do Angie. You did a great job. The stool looks so good :)


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