Monday, November 30, 2009

Log Splitting

What a beautiful day... even though it is 46 degrees here right now.

You can't tell it inside our home.  It's nice and cozy!

Remember the huge dead tree that came down in our front yard?  Well, it looks like we will be reaping the benefits from that all winter long without having to go cut wood somewhere else.

Rich borrowed a log splitter from a friend.  The afternoon that I was working on fluffing my cardinal tree, he and the kids spent that time splitting wood.  All of this came from two of those big logs:

Rich tells me I'm such a "freak" about things.  He's so silly; he doesn't realize how much he is too!  He took the bigger logs off of the rack and split them into smaller logs.  I think he was just having lots of fun with the log splitter.  I knew it was coming... and it did about 2 hours into log splitting... "Honey, I think we need to get one of these".  So my answer-- put money aside for it and watch craigslist.  Isn't that the answer for everything??

I agree that a log splitter would be nice to have to save his back and shoulders from hurting after all last season of using a maul.  Rich did have a very good idea.  How about saving a few of those big tree trunks to use as seats?  We're slowly clearing away our land to the pond and will one day have a fire pit down there.  I agree... these would make some pretty neat (and weatherproof) seats!  What do you think?

I am grateful for a husband that works around the home doing what needs to be done to take care of our family.  It's so nice to have a wood fireplace.  It heats up our family room, dining room and kitchen.  That's three rooms that don't need to be heated by natural gas.  I'm all about not giving ONG our hard earned money!  =]


  1. Hi Angie Thanks for stoppin' by my blog =) I'm followin' yours as well now. We burn wood here too and my hubby used ta' do it all by hand till he used our friends log splitter and he just hadta' have one too lol. Hey Craigslist is definitely a GREAT place to look for one.I am in loveee with your cardinal tree! Ohhh it sure is pea pickin' perty ! Too bad ya' didn't live closer I could take ya to some good auctions where the prices are pretty resonable. Once ya go you'll get bit by the auction bug lol. I usually try to go at least every 2 weeks or so. Try out this site called auction zip. It's a site that will show you auctions near you or as far away as you wanna drive. Girlie if I worked at Hobby Lobby well...... let's just say paycheck ? what paycheck lol. I'm hopin' to get the finishin' touches on the kitchen soon. Boy it's been slow goin' lemme' tell ya' lol. The red I used is called October red and I just love it with the bread basket colored cabinets. My hubby was like why red ? Now he really likes it and I talked him into a red sink to boot lol. Ohhhh and those big ol' logs would make great seats. We got a few of 'em we use around our fire pit.OK I didn't mean ta' type a mini novel to ya' lol my fingers don't know when ta' quit hehehe Lookin' forward to gettin' ta' know ya =)
    Prim Huggs n Blessins

  2. And there's nothing like good old wood heat to keep you warm. Love this post.


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