Monday, November 9, 2009


Yes, a very scary sight indeed!

"Do you think we can bring it down without it falling on the house?"


'Tis a bittersweet moment for me.  I've been holding out for two years.  Even though the tree was dead, I just couldn't bear to see it come down.  I absolutely love my huge trees!  But it was time to let go ...

Enough sadness... now on to fun things!

God is blessing us with tremendous beautiful weather!  You just have to love a day of playing in the leaves!

Now it's mom's turn... gotta build it high so I don't break any bones!

I am grateful for these gorgeous days to spend with my family, making wonderful memories!  What could be more precious?

Now that the tree is gone, we see where our next project lies.  A new roof, a new paint job, a flagpole where the tree once stood.  All projects that will have to wait till spring.  For now it is time to go inside; and start preparing breads, jellies, cookies and candies for our dear friends and family.

At the close of a delightful day, I already know how blessed I am.  My kids are happy and healthy.  My husband is willing and able to work around the home.  My home is something I've always dreamed of but never thought I would have.  My God continues to pour out His great love and blessings to me and my family.  What more could I ever need?


  1. So sad to see an old tree come down. We have lots in our yard and some really close to the house that I know one day this will happen to us. I picked the spot among the trees when we built our house and stood where I wanted my front steps to be...according to the trees..funny huh?
    Love having fun in the fall!
    Blessings to you!

  2. I'm with you - I hate to lose a tree. It seems so bare once it's down, but we got used to it anyway at my place.

    Beautiful house!

  3. I also love trees! Nice pictures of you all in the leaves!! Fun memories.

  4. It surprises me how much trees add to the personality of a place. I remember driving through my relatives' neighborhood in Texas, after being gone for a long time. The trees had grown up and it looked totally different. When Brad's mom passed away, we looked through pictures of them when they bought the house he grew up in. There were no trees! They planted several, and the trees grew with the family.
    I've heard of people planting trees in honor or memory of someone. What a special tribute, but would be really hard to move away from that house!
    I'm so glad to know your tree came down without any problems!

  5. Whew...I'm stopping twenty minutes into catching up on your blog....bloglines has not been showing updates and then suddenly, there are 15. Glad to see the tree making room for something new, maybe a flag pole or a new family tree to plant and watch grow. :)

    Onward I go reading now....


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