Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Wow girls!  This is really not going as I envisioned it would.  =[

Today marks the 5th week that my kids have been in school.  I was not pushing for school to start, I enjoy spending the summer with my kids especially since I was able to quit work this summer and spend even more time with them.  But I will say that I would get excited when I thought about the alone time I would have to create, craft, and scrapbook!  WRONG!

My little guy started half-day Pre K this year.

My baby girl started middle school this year.

My big guy started high school this year.

Let me just run through what my typical day has consisted of these past five weeks.
  • Get the kids up at 6:40am
  • Leave the house at 7:20am
  • Drop off daughter at middle school at 7:30am
  • Drop off oldest son at high school at 7:35am
  • Go home and spend the morning with youngest son
  • Leave the house at 12:10pm
  • Drop off youngest son at elementary school at 12:20pm
  • Go home and do dishes, laundry, pick up the house
  • Leave the house at 2:20pm
  • Pick up daughter from school at 2:30pm
  • Pick up youngest son from school at 2:50pm
  • Go home and help with homework, check the computer
  • Leave the house at 4:45pm
  • Pick up oldest son from football practice at 5:00pm
  • Go home and cook dinner
  • Leave the house at 6:20pm on Tue and Thur
  • Drop off daughter at cheer practice at 6:30pm on Tue and Thur
  • Go home and relax!
  • Leave the house at 8:15pm
  • Pick up daughter from cheer practice at 8:30pm
  • Go home and get school bags and clothes ready for the next day
  • Daughter in bed at 9pm
  • Youngest son in bathtub at 9:15pm
  • Oldest son in bed at 10pm
  • Read books to youngest son in bed at 10pm
  • 10:30pm till I crash-- computer time
Daughter's games are every Saturday.  Son's games are on Tuesdays or Thursdays.


I know, I know!!  I've heard it thousands of times and that's no exaggeration... enjoy this time with them while you can for they will soon be gone.  I'm trying my hardest!

In-between these "times", I did manage to get things gathered, priced, and set up for a garage sale that we had.  We did really good... sold lots and lots of stuff... not much left.  Yah for that!  I was also able to get almost all my fall decorations out.  Yah for that too!  Now to find the time to take some pictures of it so I can get that header picture changed, haha!

So if you don't see me for awhile, I'm still here... trying to catch up on my blog reading (only one week behind now instead of two) and taking care of the duties of one blessed momma and wife!  I will add this... yes, my husband is very involved with the kids, helping out with them and the chores of the home but he works between 48-60 hours a week on the midnight shift.  He's always willing to lead a helping hand after he gets a good day's sleep.  =]

Looking forward to seeing all of your fall decorations~


  1. Aw, the life of a "retired" woman, lolol I might as well keep working!
    Hugs, :-}pokey

  2. I know Pokey! I seriously thought about going back to work so I can get a break! Haha!

  3. It's not easy juggling so much! I was exhausted just reading that schedule!lol!
    Good to hear from you and hope you find things settle down - a little anyway!
    Best wishes

  4. Sometimes routines are more tiring and time consuming, then having kids underfoot. I drive my oldest to work at his new job he just started and I tell you the days I do I just don't seemed to get much done...all the stopping and starting....ahhh, the life of a mom!


  5. You timed that perfect! 1 starting K, 1 starting middle school and 1 starting HS! How cool! You have some adorable kiddos!!
    Anyway, I sure hope you can find a spare minute to get some YOU time in.

  6. That schedule can take a lot of energy out of you! Guess you just have to find some craft time in between all the running to and fro. Or just go on 'strike' one day! LOL

    I can totally relate even tho' my kids are older. My day goes by so fast I don't get much time to craft anymore either.
    But sounds like you are getting some things done in between. I think a LOT of women can really empathize w/you!

    Take care and have a great relaxing wkend!

  7. I think it's naptime for me after reading all that!! Glad to see ya back even if it's for a short time! Take care girl!!


  8. Aren't there school buses they could ride? At least in the morning, to school? What a schedule! Makes me tired, just
    thinking about it!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  9. Got me exhausted reading that schedule....but being a young mom you can do it!
    Adorable kids there Angie!


  10. Oh angie,I so feel your pain.I really havent gotten much done either.Kids been back since aug.23 and I have cheerleaders too.Plus mine dont believe in Public feel as if my days is run run run.I do get on and read the blogs faithfully though.gotta get my pleasure somewhere.I always say a women works harder beening at home then working outside the home.I cant remember how I even survived working midnights 12 hrs. anight three years have faith though that things will slow down.Yeah right lol.hang in there sweetie,your not alone.blessings and hugs michelle

  11. Hi Angie,
    Thanks for visiting my blog, I enjoyed going thru all of your past posts. I love those rag balls, I tried it once and couldn't get them wrapped flat, weird I know. Anyway I am your latest follower and look forward to becoming your blog friend!

  12. Wow are BUSY!! You'll have to use the weekends (well part of it anyway for your crafting)!! Hey, I made some candycorn tapers... I'll post soon...scented them with mulled cider and they smell so awesome!!
    keep the pics to see what you're doing!! Hugs, Patti

  13. That is one hectic schedule you have. There is no time for other stuff! I haven't scrapbooked in "forever" but I just haven't been in the mood. You are really blessed w/ beautiful children, and yep i've always heard it too about missing these times when they're gone. They grow up too too fast don't they? Have a blessed evening and weekend.

  14. You have been busy, busy! It will change all too quickly though. Yes, enjoy them (even the running around part) while they're home with you. Our son is now off to college and my daughter is a junior in high school and the house is just too quiet!! I miss going to all their sporting events (my daughter is working instead of playing sports now). I miss picking them up from school and hearing all about their days. I miss reading stories to them over and over and over again. I miss them needing me. :(
    You are blessed Angie.... enjoy your time with them. In the blink of an eye, it changes.
    Hugs to you~ (and try to get some rest)~ Birgit

  15. You wore me out just reading your schedule!!! I think I will go take a nap for you :) Seriously though, I sure remember those days! Now I am down to one that I have to run for, and have way more time on my hands and seem to not get half as much done as when I was running around like a nut case!

  16. Ya, I know that old sayin'..enjoy it now...blah blah...LOL!
    But I did my time and can honestly say....I don't miss it!
    You are in for the ride of you life!
    You will look up one day and say where did the time go?
    But its all good, and even better when they get their own license!
    Have a great day! Dale

  17. Thanks girls! I appreciate and love each one of you!

    Thank you for the sweet comments about my kids. All moms love to hear that you know. =]

    Thank you for the encouragement. I know next year will be easier because the youngest will be in school all day. I am so enjoying our mornings together so I try not to complain too much!

    You all have a wonderful weekend!

  18. Hi Angie, just trying to catch up on blog posts here and just read of your weekly adventures! My goodness you have a full plate...but what a blessed plate it is. Adorable kids by the way...:) Just take a deep breath, and find a few hours of me time...that is so important too!

  19. I've missed you! I would love to be just a mom again. It was crazy and exhausting and I forgot a lot of things but I would go back and do it all again. Being retired isn't all that exciting. Of course, there are all the grandkids activities and there is some juggling to do as they get older. *sigh* You be glad you get to be home with these precious packages! They will remember it forever. Trust me. My kids do and now that they have kids( more than one!), they realize how exasperating it was.
    I am having a giveaway for my recipe blog. I finally got 100 followers there. You can enter daily and I am adding new things, too. I am planning for more than one winner, as well. I'd love to see your name in my comments section! ;)


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