Thursday, September 23, 2010

Microwave tip

As I'm sitting here enjoying my caramel apple slices on this First Day of Autumn (quite by accident, but delicious nonetheless) I thought I would share a little microwave tip that I read in one of those handy dandy magazines like Better Homes & Garden or Martha Stewart Living.... wish I could give credit where credit is due but I'm not sure where it goes.

I'm not a microwave cooker, don't particularly like mine except that it's a combination convection oven which is pretty handy sometimes.  When it does get used, I demand that food is covered or else you clean off the explosion that's stuck on the roof.

Here is my little bowl of caramels that are getting melted down (gotta love these cute little bowls from The Pampered Chef, they are wonderful!).

We're not coffee drinkers so I bought a bag of coffee filters at the Dollar Tree. 160 for a buck.  You put these over your food for cover instead of wasting precious paper towels.  Paper towels are precious in our home, we seem to go through them quite fast!

Oh, but that's not all folks!  They can even be used as little plates...

This is wonderful if you have little ones in your home.  Mine would much rather have chicken nuggets from the microwave than deliciously cooked in the oven. I don't even know where he gets that.

Another great use for these are when you are washing windows or mirrors.  I have not tried this one yet as I keep forgetting.  Using coffee filters are much more cost effective than paper towels.

Just wanted to share my little tip with you.  Today I am grateful for little bits of information that make our life a little bit easier, a little bit cheaper.  =]


  1. I wash my windows with vinegar and water and I wipe them with newspaper and it makes them shine!
    Thanks for the tip..

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  2. Cute idea! Will have to try it out!
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Yes, more great tips Karen and Cora. There are lots of things we could use these for. Yes, costs way less than paper towels, even the cheap ones! =]

  4. This is absolutely BRILLIANT! I have never heard of this fantastic idea!

  5. Oh wow, that IS a great idea! Your M-I-L used coffee filters in the 4-yr-old class the other day. We colored them w/ washable markers, then sprayed them with water. The color spreads throughout the filter. It was really cool!
    Thanks for posting this...I'm adding them to my grocery list!


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