Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween Amish doll??

This is a fun, little post that is good for Halloween...

Remember my Amish doll that I bought for $4 at the antique mall in Amish land a couple months back?

Well, her apron was just too white.  After I took it off to tea dye it, I realized her body was too white.  So I decided to give her a bath in tea and look what I found!  The name, town, and date of the maker!  How cool is that!  She is celebrating her 21st birthday this month.  Lol!

I had to hang her up to drain all the tea out and well, this is the only thing I could come up with...

I have to say, it was quite comical being in the kitchen to watch the faces of each family member as they came through and laid eyes on it.  My husband was obviously speechless because all he did was shake his head and walk away without a word.

My two older kids came in the kitchen at different times just talking away and both stopped dead in their tracks and said "What are you doing?  What has happened to you?  Why would you do that??".  They too shook their heads and got out of there as quick as they could.

Then the youngest, the just-turned-5 came in chattering on about something.  He stopped.  His eyes were so huge I thought they were gonna bust right out of their sockets!  He started backing up, then slowly made his way over to me and got behind me peeking through and stuttering he said "M-o-m, what is that?".  Poor thing had to sleep with me that night.  For a few days afterwards, he would look around the kitchen before he came in.  "Mom, where is that thing that was hanging up?".  He just didn't want to believe it was a doll.  Not until she was put back together did he hold her and laugh about it.  =]

I told them all that we were making our own haunted house decorations this year.  They got so excited about it that I had to tell them I was just kidding and was only tea dyeing.

Poor things, they just don't ever know what to do or say about my primitive exploits.  =]


  1. What fun-I'm laughing so hard about your family's reactions....I can fully relate, hehe!

    How cool to find the name and date on your Amish doll,

    Have a great week,
    Shazy x

  2. Toooo funny!!!!!!!!

    You may have given your children some ideas on how to prank their siblings :) My husband and his brother used to do that to their sister's dolls. She would find them hanging in various places around the house.

    Have a great day!!!


  3. LOL That's too funny.

    I will actually take a sponge brush and sponge yhe tea stain on. That way it doesn't completelt soak the doll and it dries faster.


  4. Have you ever baked your dolls in the oven? What a reaction you get from that!

  5. Love that story Angie!! I can just see my hubby doing the exact same thing that your hubby did!


  6. I love the Amish and love your doll. I laughed when I thought about your husband walking in the kitchen and seeing the doll like that. Too funny!

  7. I was wondering where you've been. We haven't crossed paths for a while.
    Very cute story about reactions. Men just don't get it. ( Men of any size!) I can just see their faces!
    On the serious side, it is great to have the doll dated and signed. Makes that $4 seem like a better bargain, huh?

  8. That is such a cute story! what a hoot! My guys just think I'm nuts too w/some of the things they see me do!

    Thanks for sharing!

  9. LOL! I don't think they will ever understand us!!

  10. LOL so if you had started sticking pins into her I would have been worried too!
    Have a great and safe weekend!

  11. This is just too FUNNY. I usually tea or coffee stain anything white too, but I'm not guilty of hanging a pitiful looking little doll upside down to dry. FUNNY.
    Loved this post!

  12. oh my gosh Angie: I just busted out laughing from your doll story...your poor little one! that's too funny!! I'm still laughing...thanks for making my day! Also wanted to verify that HL takes coupons over the cell? that's awesome. Wonder if they all do that? ps thanks for stopping by my blog, friend! :) have a great Sunday.

  13. First great idea - love the aged look! Second, how cool that all that info was there waiting for you to find it. And lastly, don't cha just love kids?!


  14. HAHA! That's priceless!
    My family stopped asking questions. It's kind of a good thing but I know that sometimes they still question my sanity. :)
    I always tell my family (in reference to a project or makeover), "don't ask me why I want it, what I'm going to do with it, or where I'm going to put it. Just wait and see,"

  15. How funny! What we mothers do that traumatize our children!! LOL! How sweet that your precious little dolly is 21 years old! That's awesome!


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