Thursday, October 7, 2010

Portable fabric samples

Okay girls... since you have so much wonderful advice to give, here is my next question... Do you take fabric samples with you when you go shopping and if you do, how do you store them?  Sometimes when I'm out supply shopping, I find myself wishing I could see my fabrics to match some things.  I'm trying to find a way to take all my fabric with me without carrying the whole stash around.

There is a nifty little app for the iPhone that is for fabric.  You take pictures of your fabrics and you can even store them in special folders.  Kinda neat, but I like seeing the real thing in real color.  So I thought about putting snippets of fabric in a composition book.

I cut a few pieces out but I haven't stapled them to the page yet.  I'm holding out for a bit... hoping to get some great advice from YOU on if this works or if there is something better out there.  So I will wait for your ideas.  =]

Have fun creating and crafting!  Till next time~


  1. Angie-i like to use a coupon organizer so I can separate and label but still keep the fabric loose so I can hold them up to things when trying to match. :)

  2. That was super quick, Ha!

    Yes, I can see where that would be helpful. Very good idea!! Thank you Donna!

  3. If you have a small purse and not room for an organizer, you could put them in a small zip loc bag, press the air out and fold up. I never
    thought to take material with me,
    so I'm glad you brought this up!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  4. Hey girlie!The coupon organizer sounds like a plan.You could even get one of those clips that they use for keys and put a bunch on there .like a swatch sample thingy have you been?have a great weekend blessings michelle

  5. I like to have a large enough piece to put up next to things so I cut about 2 x 4 strips and thread them all together with heavy cord. I do a separate one and color cordinate them like all reds together all browns etc. but I like the book idea have never thought about that before

  6. Hi Angie...I do it exactly like you do in a smaller notebook though...I don't carry a large purse so the smaller the notebook the better.

    I also have one for my decorating...each room of our house has samples of what's in it like a paint chip for wall and trim colors, curtain fabric, and even small samples of my upholstery fabric - now you ask how in the world do I get upholstery samples...I take them from the arm caps that always come with furniture and cut out a small square and walla.
    I have everything at hand.
    Sorry I got so chatty


  7. I never gave it much thought. Always hit and miss for me....What a sad system, right?
    Personally, I love the coupon keeper idea. You can keep paint chips, fabric swatches, various things you want to match up. And you wouldn't have to have it in your purse all the time--just for those shopping trips.
    Where you been, girlfriend? Haven't seen you around much! Missed you!

  8. I like the coupon organizer & book both. This would be helpful for me to. I have a fabric stash & really I do not know what I really have when out shopping & see goodies on sale that may go with what I have in my stash. I quess I am a hit & miss like Linda. I have been wanting to do a book for my garden. Not alway easy to remember what I have planted & where. Blessings to you & yours!

  9. Love the coupon organizer idea! You can easily replace things as they change.. :)

  10. These comments are great, they gave me ideas!
    I cut 2 1/2" squares, safety pin them together so they are like a book (or once though like a a keyring) I can flip through, and put them in a snack or sandwich ziplock.
    Happy Weekend! Pokey

  11. I think your notebook idea sounds good. Most likely I would just stick it in my purse. LOL!

    Thankfully you got some better ideas from everyone else ;)

  12. Thanks for posting this. I never thought of taking fabric and paint chips with me.

  13. Angie, I chose you to receive "The
    Versatile Blogger" award! Come by
    to get it! Miss you!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  14. This is a wonderful idea.I cant wait to make one. My crazy way was stuffing pieces of fabric in a zip plastic bag. Trying to see the pieces wasnt fun. Thanks Angie!!

  15. Hi Angie,
    There, that is me caught up with your blog-sorry haven't got to visit recently-but I see you are suffering too from lack of craft time!ha! I don't know where time goes.

    I usually just grab a few samples when running somewhere, but I see there are alot of organised people out there-I like the small book idea:)

    Speak soon,
    Shazy x

  16. After reading, my favorite is the key clip idea. I like to see and feel also so the ipod program would not work for me either.

  17. HI, I have a lot of stencils and I use a artist portfolio to store them in, they have a lot of different sizes you can buy too, then you can keep them in a plastic sleeve and flip through them like a book and they can be removed and put back easily without having to staple

  18. I like the idea Michelle had of cutting strips and making a swatch holder from a key ring. Your idea of keeping your swatches in a notebook is good too. You could right down how much you have of each color and then you would know how big of a project you can tackle with the amount of material you have on hand. Your fabics are beautiful. I love the ticking best.
    Looking forward to seeing what all you create with your fabric.

  19. Yeah, I'm a little behind, hehe... but if you know me, you know I tend to do that a lot these days. I just wanted to let you all know how much I appreciate all your wonderful ideas! I truly believe that no matter what I am trying to figure out, you girls will be willing to help me out and for that I THANK YOU!

    Kristen, thank you for the stencil/portfolio idea! I don't have a lot, but I do have a few and they are such a pain. I'm afraid the thinner ones are going to get tore up. I can get a portfolio from Hobby Lobby with a 40% off coupon. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing!!


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