Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas packages in the mail!

I just wanted to share a couple of packages I received in the mail this week.  I put them under the tree and opened them on Christmas day, hehe.

Debbie over at Goat Creek made this adorable salt dough crow.  What's even neater is that her dear sister friend Holli from Where the Rooster Crows donated from her own pocket $1.00 for every crow bought, to MS research.  Well I couldn't pass up such a cute crow and for a wonderful cause!  He is so cute, thank you Debbie, you did a wonderful job on him!  Thank you also to Holli for having such a sweet and loving heart!

I was beyond thrilled when I learned that I had won Kerri from The Calico Rabbit's Christmas giveaway!  Here is a picture from Kerri's blog of all the wonderful goodies that I won:

It's always so fun to decorate with giveaway winnings, isn't it?  I thought the little pillow fit perfectly in this black wooden tray sitting next to a homemade rolling pin that my Dad made years ago (I treasure this piece!).

These peppermint sticks are the cutest!  I love the vintage tag and homespun that Kerri used on the bag.  They look right at home in this vintage bowl I bought last week at Hobby Lobby for only $3!

This bowl of pine cones, greens, and apples really needed something but I just didn't know what to put with it.  Kerri's gorgeous pillow completes the look!  Kerri, the stitching is perfect and I love the variegated look of the words.  It is truly beautiful!!

I'm so glad this wonderful greenery garland with berries was part of the giveaway.  I never made it outside this year to collect some pine boughs from my pine trees down by the pond.  Our country roads are overflowing with winterberry and I never had time to collect the beautiful berries either so it was wonderful to have some greens in the home!

Also part of Kerri's giveaway was a beautiful red wooden bead garland.  I have been on the lookout for wooden garland and all I can ever find is the plastic stuff so I was glad to get that too!

Thank you girls for your generosity!  Go check out these wonderful girls' blogs, you won't be disappointed.

Well, I've been laid up since Christmas evening.  As I put on my facebook status just a few minutes back "I'm sitting here by the fireplace surrounded by pillows, blanket, toilet paper (to blow my nose, haha, thought I better clear that up), Mentholatum, Mucinex DM, and my laptop.  Even though it really stinks to get sick Christmas evening, I am blessed to be feeling somewhat better already and so very thankful for my wonderful family that cleaned up all the Christmas aftermath for me."

I am truly blessed and had such a wonderful Christmas surrounded by loving family and friends.  I hope you did too. Looking forward to what the new year holds for the Berry homestead.  Much love to you all~


  1. Wonderful goodies you received!!! Hope you're feeling better!


  2. Wow, Angie...everything looks so wonderful! I hope you're feeling better in no time! I'm sure your New Years will be even better! I especially love the crow, your dad's handmade rolling pin (how did he do that??) and all of Kerri's prims! You are one lucky girl. I somehow missed the crow sale...will go and check out her blog. Thanks.

  3. Hey Angie,
    Hate to hear you're feeling yucky. If you have a bad cough~ rub Vicks VapoRub on the soles of your feet, it really works! (Email me for more details).
    Love those stockings~ did you make them? How cute and also the Santa crow. It's always fun to win a giveaway and how nicely you displayed them all.
    What a special treasure from your Dad ~ making the rolling pin. How neat!
    Love the wooden apples mixed in w/the pines, and that quilt is gorgeous!
    Hope you get to feeling better real soon! No fun to be sicky over the holidays!

    Warm hugz,
    Tanya ~

  4. Hope you get better real soon Angie!! Love your winnings!!


  5. Sorry to hear you are under the weather Angie! Rest up so you can be healthy to start the new year out right.
    Lovely winnings by the way.

  6. Hey gal, I hope you are feeling
    better, soon! I had some congestion
    in my chest for a couple weeks, but
    I didn't feel sick, so I just kept
    on going and doing. I bought two of
    those crows from Debbie, she sure
    is a whiz with the salt dough! You
    received some nice winnings! You
    take care of yourself...

    Bear Hugs & Blessings

  7. You did get great goodies and I love where you placed them!

    I hope you start to feel better soon, I already had a head cold and cough, it stinks!!

    Happy New year,
    Prim Blessings,

  8. Glad you had a great Christmas with your lovely family Angie, but sorry you aren't feeling so good-hope it clears soon!

    You got such lovely goodies there and you have them all displayed just perfect:)

    Shazy x

  9. Wishing you a wonderful 2011! Peace, Love, Health and Happiness for the New Year!

  10. Hi Angie~
    I hope you have a healthy and memorable 2011!
    Hugs~ Birgit

  11. Happy New Year Angie, thanks for leaving me such nice comments on my blog. Hope 2011 is a great year for you and your family.
    Hugs Theresa

  12. Angie, I hope you are feeling back to your normal self! There are a lot of sickies going around this time or year.

    You sure got some wonderful prim goodies to spread around your home. I just love having pieces of handmades made by friends sprinkled around my home!

  13. Hope you are feeling better! Love your crow. Congratulations on winning the giveaway, love everything!!!! The bowl from hobby lobby is so cute!!! Happy New Year!!

  14. Hi Angie.
    I just finished readin all of your wonderful comments on my blog! Thank you so much for visiting! We do have alot in common! Your family is amazing! I love reading your blog as well! My maiden name is Smith and I just wondered if that was yours as well since one of your grandmothers was a Smith? I know it's a common name but another similarity that we share! lol I have a canon EOS camera that my husband got for me a few Christmas' ago. I haven't sold in a craft show in a long time but I was thinking that I might this year do a couple. I hate the pressure of trying to get everything ready for it though!
    Keep in touch and I am so glad that we have met! Look forward to being friends!

  15. Good morning Angie...I'm so bad at not getting around to the blogs like I should and YOU ARE SO FAITHFUL! Where you find the time and do all you do with and for your family beats me! Energizer bunny????

    I hope by now you are feeling your good ole self and are up and at it again...even though you were sick you made it all sound so's that happening????

    Love your new little treasures and congratulations on winning - very nice gifts.

    Well, you all have a wonderful New Year and I promise I will do better checking in on you here.

    Hugs, Karen

  16. Wow did you ever hit the jackpot!!! You got some awesome stuff.

    I'm pretty sure you are feeling better by now. but in case your aren't. I hope you feel better.


  17. Wonderful goodies you recieved and you did a fabulous job placing them in your home!

  18. So glad you found my blog Angie & thank you for the lovely comments!
    You have been so lucky with winning such amazing giveaways...I have not been lucky yet :( x

  19. Oops! That last comment was from me at Prim n Raggedy Angie....don't know whay my name showed up instead!

  20. Wow, I just loved all your goodies and you found the perfect spot for each one of them. I am so glad your family took such good care of you while you were sick!

  21. Hello Angie!

    I am so bad.... I thought I followed your blog. Please forgive me! I am so glad you like your crow. I had wondered if it arrived okay. You sure had a lot of nice goodies under your tree. :)

    Take Care,
    Debbie K


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