Friday, May 6, 2011

Yippeeeee!! My awesome garage sale find for today!

Oh my word prims!  I am so very excited!!  I have been wanting one of these for over 20 years but they are so expensive.  At the last garage sale I hit today it was there with no price.  The man was really talking it up so I finally said "Well, I know you want more for it than what I can handle, how much?".  He said "Oh... $15".  Me:  "WHAT?!?!?!  Only $15?  Are you sure??".  I heard the "fif" sound come out of his mouth so I thought he was gonna say $50, lol!  Isn't she a beauty??  The treadle is broke.  I know my dad can fix that but not sure that I want it fixed... might leave it as it is.  Sorry for the background, I couldn't wait to show you so I took pics of it in the garage as soon as I pulled it out of the truck, hehe.

Then when you open it up, here's what's inside...

It even has a needle!  The little bit that I've looked up on the internet so far about "Ruby" says they aren't worth much but I don't care about that... it's worth a lot to me!  Everything still turns with no trouble or squeaking!

I'm so glad nothing is going on this weekend so I can get it cleaned up and moved into the house!  Happy Mother's Day to me!!  =]

I bought this sweet little Raggedy Andy at an antique mall a couple of weeks ago for $6.  I collect Raggedy's and this handmade one I love because it's little heart says I heart Jodi.  That is my sister's name and the way it's spelled too.  How sweet!

Another find at the antique mall for $3.  I didn't even have to do anything to it but wipe it down really good.  We are a family that eats all of our meals at the table together so having a wonderfully prim centerpiece for my table just hasn't worked because it's constantly getting moved out of the way and then the hassle of finding somewhere for it to sit.  So this lazy susan is perfect for us.

I've bought lots of pieces this past month that I was going to re-do this weekend but now they will have to wait till I get the machine cleaned up first.  Any ideas on what to use on the actual machine to clean it up?  I'm afraid to touch it.  Guess I'll have to do some googling on the internet to find out.

Well that is it for this post.  Thanks for stopping by for a visit.  I always appreciate your time spent with me.  Have a beautiful weekend and wonderful Mother's Day!


  1. oh wow... That machine is sooo awesome looking just the way it is.. hehe... How fun you found exactly what you wanted.. Love it all. Tina

  2. Wahoo what a find! I know how excited you must be:)

    Love all your other goodies too,


    Shazy x

  3. Angie, Wow girl you sure hit the jackpot! I have been looking for one myself, but they have been price way out of my league! Maybe your luck will rub off on me and I will come across a deal like you did! I am so excited for you :) I love when someone finds a deal of deals! Happy Mothers Day to YOU!!
    Prim Blessings!

  4. What a glorious gift to yourself :)
    I have an antique sewing machine/table in my livingroom, stained a walnut color. But I like the chippy paint on yours much more. I'm jealous!!!

  5. Don't ya just love a bargain...:)You hit the jackpot today with that wonderful piece..looking forward to seeing the after clean up picture, it will be awesome!

  6. Love your garage sale find - it really is true that one man's trash is another man's treasure!

  7. Hey Angie: You certainly hit the jackpot with that treadle machine!! Just gorgeous...I passed up one about 10 yrs ago and could kick was in excellent shape and $50...I won't find that again!! Enjoy yours!

  8. What a great deal! My grandmother had one that I remember learning to sew on and I loved it. Wish I had gotten it when she passed. Can't wait to see how it cleans up for you.

    Happy Mothers Day!

    Debbie K

  9. You go girl!!! You got one and I'm so happy for ya! It looks awesome, I wish mine had that chippy paint on it! Lucky you!! Have fun cleaning it. On mine, I just basically used furniture polish on the wood and soapy water on the metal parts.


  10. What a great find !Were the same way with meals.we always eat at the table and Im constantly taking everything off,lol.Oh well I just love it all so on there.Have a wonderful mothers day.
    big hugs michelle

  11. Wow! Ruby is gorgeous, I would love one whether it worked or not. Love the big wheel. :) :) What a great find at a great price!

    Blessings from Jessica

  12. WOW! I LOVE the sewing machine and the piece of furniture that it's in. Now that is a find :)

    Happy Mother's Day!

  13. Wow..what a lucky find for you..That is just to cool. Tonya is really good at fixing things like that and making them look so awesome and prim..I am sure she can tell you how to do it so it will look great. That man was an Angel in disguise and obviousely thought it was just some old junk. Does he know how happy he made you and how he made your day?
    I am saving up for my trip up North next month and visiting my DD in Chicago and we will be hitting a lot of cool junk shops.I love going bumming and junking with her and then will hop on a train and go to the suburbs to do it again with my sister..My BD is next month so it will be a good one :)
    Happy Mothers day to you

  14. Angie,
    Great deal on the sewing machine. They sell anywhere from $65.00 to $125.00 around here.
    I have one my husband purchased for me from a friend of his last year and it is still in my garage. I'm not sure what to do with it. Can't wait to see where you display yours.
    Great find.
    Have a good day.
    Country at heart

  15. Hi Angie, Love your old sewing machine. It was a steal for $15. They are very expensive here when you can find them. Hubby loves to take the base and make tables out of them. He has made a planter for flowers out of the last one he found and on a previous post on my blog I showed what I did with the actual machine from that base. Don't know how to take you back there. Got lots to learn still about blogging. You have a great day and Happy Mother's Day to you.

  16. OH MY I just love white chippy paint goods and you sure got a steal on your treadle..looks fantastic..XX

  17. Congrats on your sewing machine!! What a great deal you got! Is there anything better than finding that coveted piece at an incredible price?? have a great Mother's Day ~Kriss~

  18. Wow! I would be jumpin' for joy too if I found one - you did REAL good!
    Have a wonderful weekend enjoying yourself and you'll have a great mother's Day!!

  19. Wow Angie! You did GOOD on your yard saleing over the weekend! That machine cabinet is awesome!

    Thanks for all the recent comments you left on my blog - hope you enjoyed your visit!

  20. I'm way behind on my blog reading, might not ever catch up but I did want to let you know that I love this machine and the cabinet, can't wait to see it finished! Hugs gf and Happy Mother's Day to you!

  21. You found some great items Angie and some wonderful prices too!

    Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day~you deserve it!


  22. WOW!!!! What a great machine!!! Have fun with it! Can't wait to see it all cleaned up and in your home!

  23. Angie, That machine is awesome.I love it.
    I can't wait to see where you put it. You have the best taste!!!

    I bet you had a wonderful Mother's day!!! You are a sweetheart and I love reading your blog!!!!


  24. HOLY MOLY girl friend...what a beautiful sewing machine. And I wouldn't care if the treadle didn't's going to be a wonderful showpiece wherever you place it.

    Isn't it fun when you see something and just know it's more than likely out of line for our price range...BUT LO AND was a perfect price.

    Yeahhhhh for you.


  25. I love it! Especially the faded paint. It looks awesome!
    I love your blog!
    Thanks for sharing,

  26. I remember selling my moms machine about 10 years ago in a yard sale. It was in perfect condition. How I regret it now. Great items !!!

  27. Oh what a steal! I love it when I find them! I am happy for you.

  28. GREAT finds. I can't wait to see what you ended up doing w/ the machine. My sister collects Raggedy Andy dolls in memory of her baby boy Andrew that is waiting for us in Heaven. The black prim centerpiece is too perfect. I have to keep our centerpiece simple becauss we also try to eat every meal at the table and moving it everytime is a hassle.


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