Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Cheeseboxes, strainers & sifters, and google reader

I've been told by my dear friend Linda over at Parker's Paradise that over 3 is a collection.  Well not really meaning to start a new collection, I bought the top 2 cheese boxes this summer.  They are newer but I couldn't pass 'em up at the great price they were going for, $2 and $1... especially the little one, isn't it so cute?  The bottom box I've had for a long time, it came from my great-aunt and uncle's home in Toulon, IL.  So my cheese boxes are not a collection yet until I buy one more, lol!  I bought the little child's apron for 25 cents at an antique store that was going out of business.  It was dirty white with stains.  A tea bath sure made it look a lot better.  This little display is sitting under my linen ladder in the dining room.

My strainers and sifters... another collection that was not intended to be but I just love old kitchen primitives and utensils.  When I am antiquing or thrifting, I am always drawn to kitchenware more than anything else (well besides my first love of jars, hehe).

Funny story on this particular sifter... We were at an antique mall in our little Amish community.  I had this sifter in our shopping cart.  A lady that works the mall (and also has booths there) comes by and tells us that we were looking in her booths and everything is at least half off or more.  She picked the sifter up out of the shopping cart and says "Like this.... it has a $6 price, I'll go $3 on it".  My friends and I look at each other and had a good laugh after she walked away.  I was willing to pay $6 since it was already in the cart, but hey if you wanna give it to me for $3, I'll take it.  Lol!

Also at this wonderful antique mall, I found this beautiful piece...

We were at the checkout waiting to be rung up so I walked around a bit more.  As I was walking back to the counter, I spotted something by this bowl that caught my eye so I stopped to look.  I put it back down and just leaned over to look inside this bowl.  My eyes could not even believe what the price was for this huge, heavy crock bowl... $5.00!!!  I was shocked!  I honestly have quit looking at the prices of these crock bowls because they are $28 and higher around here... never $5!  So I took it up to the front and asked her if maybe they forgot to put a number on the price because they are never 5 bucks.  She assured me that yes, it was the right price because it had a couple of cracks in it.  Yes, 2 small hairline cracks that are inside and can't even be seen from the outside. Woo Hoo!  It gladly became mine that day!  For now it holds my collecion of strainers and sifters.  Sorry for the blurriness (glad I'm not the only one with this picture-taking problem, haha)

The smallest sifter in the front that you can really only see the handle belonged to my grandma.  I thought the handmade linen on metal paddle strainer was a neat find for 2 bucks.  The strainer in the back I was going to make into a shoo-fly screen but I kept it intact.  I just adore the thriftiness that the owner of this piece showed by adding a little square of the mesh wire over a hole that had been made in the strainer.  That kind of thinking is just what my family does.  They throw nothing away and nothing new is bought until the piece can no longer be patched up.  Another good find for 2 bucks.

The nut grinder beside the bowl belonged to my step-FIL's mother.  When I took it from her home, there were still traces of nuts in the jar.  I just adore this little family heirloom.

It is finally fall-like weather here for us being down in the 70's and 80's... thanking God for this beautiful weather!

Friends, I'm so very excited!  I finally gave the Google Reader another chance and took some time to actually learn it.  I LOVE IT!  I knew my old way of reading and keeping up with blogs was not working out whatsoever and had to change!  Would you believe that I read and commented on every single post on every single blog that I followed?  Not really that I made myself, I'm just a talkative person when it comes to primitives and I always have lots to say, lol.  I would start at the end of my blogroll on my blog page and work my way up to the top.  Those of you that posted often stayed at the top so I never knew what you were up to because I was always so far down on my list.  So after basically taking the summer off I decided that just can't happen anymore because it put me months behind and became a chore to try and catch up.  That's just not right... blogging needs to be fun!  Now that I follow Google Reader, I can get a better picture of what's going on and it's so much easier to catch up!  Whew, who knew that it could be this easy?!  Hahaha!  Yeah, I know I'm a dork but glad you all love me any way.  =]

Have a blessed week dear friends~


  1. U do have some very nice things! I love all kitchen antiques. I would be so happy in the fifties!
    Autumn Blessings,

  2. I LOVE Google Reader and highly recommend it! It is the only way I can catch up on posts when I've missed some days. I used to use the blogger dashboard, lol. In fact, I did like you, tried GR once, it was different so I didn't like it. But I could not keep up in the dashboard or just lost my place since it doesn't hide posts you've already read. Gave Reader a try the second time and fell in LOVE. Plus any blog you join with Google Friend Connect/Blogger follower, will show up in Reader (since Google is Blogger) talk about convenience! Geez I sound like an ad. haha. So glad to see another GR convert!

    I adore your cheese boxes. I have such a crush on wood, it's ridiculous. That is so awesome you got those things cheap! And that lady coming up to you! She sure was quite honest with her sales.

    Blessings, Jessica

  3. Terrific finds! You have some wonderful collections. I guess I have more collections than I realized, if all it takes is 3 to be called that! I love decorating in groupings, it makes each piece more unique in its own right. Your patched strainer is a rarity in these days, it would have been tossed for sure. Cool!

  4. Love all your old kitchen items!! I have a few...my favorite is an antique toaster. You got a great deal on the crock bowl!! Around here they are usually $20.00 or higher.
    It has really felt like Fall here. Our tempertures have been in the upper 60's and in the mid 50's at night.
    Have a great week.

  5. What wonderful collections you have. I love that you found a crock for cheap. They are soooo expensive here too. What a fun shopping trip. -Steph-

  6. Holy Cow more than 3 is a collection then that means my dogs and my kids are a collection too LOL.
    My son was coming Friday and decided he is coming tomorrow insted. Guess I will be busy tomorrow and might even have to get up by 9 at the latest. Should be a fun week end since this son is a nature Lover and that is all there is where we live..and my kids that come down insist they can find me with their G P S and they end up in Town with nothing there Ha Ha Ha..I am going to go and put a sign up on the road where their G P S tells them to turn left and it will say to keep going straight ...any neighbors that might see me doing it will think I have lost my Marbles..Did that a long time ago..enjoy the rest of your week and find some more goodies..Love the ones you found :)

  7. Wow!!! Angie you have so many awesome collections!!!You are so lucky to get them at great prices. Boy is this my kind of post I sure did enjoying all the pictures!!! I want to thank you for all of your sweet comments on blog I really do appreciate it. Prim fiends are the BEST!!! I hope you have a great week.


  8. What wonderful pieces! Love that you shared the history behind them too. I can't believe you got that bowl for $5, whoo hoo!! What a deal! They all look great in your display ~Kriss~

  9. I am always drawn to kitchenware more than anything else (well besides my first love of jars, hehe).

    My exact sentiments..lol...

  10. Would you believe that I read and commented on every single post on every single blog that I followed?

    ummmmmmmmm,,of course I would believe it since I used to do it also..LOL LOL...And I followed so many..I kept saying that blogging could be a full time job girl for me..LOL...Blessings....

  11. Hi Angie,

    What amazing bargains you got yourself there!
    I am sooo envious you live near an Amish community-I could quite happily live there-apart from how hard they have to work!lol!

    I love the prim pears from your last post and of course the Amish family.....

    I must investigate what google reader is-I just read from my dashboard, is there something better? I'm away behind the times here! Thanks for visiting and your lovely comments-my niece is envious of the Prairie event you are going to,

    Shazy x

  12. Hi Angie,
    I'm drawn to old kitchen items too....was just looking at a couple of sifters yesterday but decided I better not start a new collection. I love any and all old boxes and cheese boxes are on my list. You got a good price for yours. They look wonderful stacked together.
    Thanks for always stopping by and commenting on my blog, I really appreciate it!
    Have a great day.

  13. HI Angie - Congrats on your new treasures - that big bowl is awesome! Glad you figured out Google Reader - I'll have to look into it also - you always leave the nicest comments on my blog!

  14. Good evening Angie. I'm going to have to check into GReader because I'm having problems staying caught up w/ all of the blogs I love to follow also. What great collections and finds! I haven't been junkin' in a while, hoping to get back at it real soon.

  15. Angie you sure did find some wonderful goodies ~ love that childs apron!
    I too like kitchen accessories!
    Lately I've been buying unique jars.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Prim Blessings

  16. Yep we sure do love you my bargain finding shopper! Cna't believe the $3 deal after you already had it in your cart!!


  17. Your collection of kitchen goodes I would say is a collection in itself.

  18. what grat kitchen ware. Love the cheese boxes...I just live down the road from Toulon, IL. Keep up the cool collections and thanks for the pics.

  19. Good morning Angie and thank you so much for being the faithful reader of my blog...you are such a delight to see pop up - you have a way of commenting on EVERYTHING that's in a post....good for you dear girl - I envy the fact you can do that.

    Now..what wonderful goodies...I love the sifters and that bow WOW....it's huge!!!! And who cares about cracks...we love them for what they are don't we - most of my old antique bowls have some kind of flaw in them.
    I guess if we are buying for RESALE we would want them in exc. condition but I like the flaws.

    I'm going to have to look into Google Reader - I just don't get to all the blogs I follow like I want to.
    I get to the ones on my sidebar but the following list is long! Thanks for the suggestion.


  20. You lucky girl! You find some great items.


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