Friday, September 30, 2011


No amount of preparation or forewarning can actually prepare you for when your oldest child starts making that passage into adulthood.  I thought that my child reaching the dreaded, even feared "teenager" milestone would be so hard for me but 13 came and went.  Even 14 came and went with no fanfare.  Now I know why... it was saving itself up for a time such as this.

I snapped this picture of my oldest child taking his driver's license written test.  Then I grabbed the hand of my little guy and ushered him out the door as quickly as I could but the tears were falling before I even reached the door.  I don't know why this was such an emotional time for me?!

Ryan found out immediately that he passed the test, only missed one.  I was quite shocked seeing as I paid $4.95 for a driver's education book that he didn't even crack open.  Guess he listened well in the driving school.

We immediately had to go to the Tag Agency to get the permit.  I pulled up to the door and just couldn't contain myself.  Ryan couldn't believe I was crying so much.  He told me that I couldn't come in unless I wore my sunglasses to hide my eyes, lol.  So I did.  I had him do all the paperwork and answer all the questions so he could get a feel for what it's like to be an adult.  Then she had him stand back and take his picture.  Again, the tears came.  But the toughest part out of all of this came when she handed him his learner's permit.  I took it in my hands and just lost it right there in the building with people starring at me, LOL!  It's a good thing it wasn't even the emotional time of the month... oh my what would I have done??  I'm wiping tears away right now as I type this.

Not even turning 40 years old compares to my oldest child learning to drive.

Although he is finally showing signs of becoming a responsible young man, I just can't even believe that the past 16 years have flown by as quickly as they have.  Shouldn't he still be in Kindergarten laying in bed, snuggling up with me as we read books?

Rich and I only have a few more years to impress upon his heart the ways and responsibilities of a God seeking, God fearing man that is to be the head of his home.  Wow, that is so overwhelming to even think as I read it once more.  That is why I am so truly thankful that God leads my husband and I as parents to the best of our ability.  We still screw up constantly, have good intentions, and get lost ourselves sometimes... but God is ever faithful.  The best comfort of all is in knowing that he, my first born son Ryan, is a child of our loving Savior.  Since Ryan (and my other children) was in the womb, before we even knew him, I prayed for him.  These past almost 17 years, I have been praying for the friends he keeps, any girlfriends he might acquire, but especially for the spouse he will one day marry.

It's not easy raising kids.  But knowing that they are truly God's kids and He is just loaning them out to us to raise up and teach sure brings about a peace that can only come from Him.

I am grateful that God saw fit for Rich and I to take Nathaniel Ryan from an infant to an almost 16 year old young man.  I am thankful for the years we've had with him, the joy, the laughter, and even the heartache he has brought to our lives.  For through it all, we learn to be better parents and trust that God has it all under control.


  1. Oh my how I remember those days...The first day Holly drove by herself to school I lost it. I know how you feel. As a parent we have the need to protect our child...but when they sprout their own wings into freedom..we cannot be there to protect them, do for them, hold their hand...etc. I still feel that need no matter how old Holly gets. I guess it never leaves a mother. Thank the good Lord He has been there with us all.

  2. My I can feel the way you feel. It brings back such memories with my girls. I am so admire your strong faith. Tell Ryan I enlarged his picture to see his permit, and know how excited he must be!
    God bless you. I pray for not so many sleepless nights waiting up for the little guy.

  3. Congratulations to Ryan! So awesome!
    Hugs to you Mom, I know it's hard watching them grow up!


  4. What a beautiful post and I so totally understand how you feel! Where has the time gone??

  5. Awesome:) Love it!! Where have you been? Looking for you on facebook today and couldn't find you!! Had to search for you through a comment you left on my blog!! Get in touch with me. I've been missing you:)

  6. I remember the days of the first son driving and then the first and only Daughter driving and I guess I just hide my emotions a lot. Now I worry about them as adults and 3 of my son's driving semi over the road. That can get scary when the roads get bad and even more so when I know they are driving on the bad roads..even if they are now adults..I still worry ...maybe even more because I never know where they are. Part of being a Mom never gets easier :)

  7. Angie,

    Thanks for following my blog. I jst read this one of yours and firmly believe that children are a gift and just loaned t us. We do the best we can to show them God so that they will recognize Him in their future.

    I have three grown children with families of their own (8 grands!) and they all love the Lord.

    We even had 17 foster children who came through our lives and hundreds of teens and kids in ministry. I thank God for every opportunity we had to lead them to Him.


  8. What a beautiful post! I enjoy reading about your family and especially that your children have a relationship with the Lord and that your hubby is a God fearing man. I have just visited a new church twice that I really like and am hoping it will be our new church home. We went through a bad experience at another church that weakened our faith in churches. Not God though. It had a negative impact on my children as well and I have been praying that this one will help restore to my family the trust and faith we lost in the church. May I ask to please keep us in prayer.
    On another note, my oldest daughter just started to drive too. I know this feeling well, I understand all you wrote. Kids are not easy to raise, our family isn't perfect either and we have our moments for sure but life sure is better with God in it. Have a great day!!

  9. A lovely post! I passed this milestone years ago and now will see our oldest granddaughter get her license this summer. Time keeps pressing forward, doesn't it?


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