Saturday, April 7, 2012

Chair Clean-Up

Spring is my time for cleaning up, painting, and distressing all the finds I picked up over the past year.  So I have another wood clean-up project that I just finished up, took me less than an hour (I was interrupted by rain or else it would have been quicker).

I told Rich a couple of years ago that I'm going to start buying chairs for our home because when we have company over, out come the ugly metal things that I despise.  Well ever since I told him that, I can not find good ones at a decent price.  I came across this beauty at a garage sale last year for $10.  It was very sturdy and the right price so I brought it home.

This chair is older than I thought.  See how it looks like there are cracks in the chair?  They are actually pieces of wood that are dovetailed!  I didn't notice that until I started working on it, cleaning it up.

Gotta love the before, during, and after pictures.  Well, I do anyway so here goes.  The seat before...

The seat during, just look at that difference!  Like I said before, after all these years this still amazes me lol...

Here her seat is finished.  Isn't her patina such a pretty sheen?  Love that!

That's one less metal chair brought in from the shop this Easter dinner, Yee Haw!!  The finish...

I bought the beautiful chair mat last year when I was in Illinois at Tanner's Orchard in Speer.  Hmm... I just realized I never shared my goodies that I bought there.  It's too big for the chair but it's staying for now.  Hopefully it will fit the next chair I bring home, hehe.  Oh, one more picture.  In my last wood clean-up post with the ironing board, Melinda from Merry Wind Farm inquired about the product I used.  I shared with her that it is a product made right here in Oklahoma.  She found their website and bought some.  Melinda used it on her cherry cabinets and some other pieces in her home and she loved it!  So there's another testimony for you.  =]  Here it is if anyone is interested.  It goes a long, long way and definitely need air ventilation to use.

Thanks for stopping by.  I pray that as you are celebrating our Savior's Resurrection with family and friends, that all will be reminded what our God sacrificed for us.  I want to end with a precious and touching video that I'm borrowing from a fellow prim blogger, Loretta from Under the Wild Cherry Trees.


  1. Angie, Your chair turned out beautiful. Isn't it funny (not really!) how when you start to look for something you can't find any - like your chair? You should just stop looking and then you'll find lots of them (I'm crossing my fingers for you!) Happy Easter. ~Ann

  2. Angie your chair looks great. My daughter is always looking for extra chairs - they are hard to find.
    Have a blessed Easter,

  3. Angie, the chair turned out beautiful! You did such a good job on it. I have never tried that product, but will have to sometime.

    That video gives me chills/tears every time I see parts of that movie! I can barely stand to watch Him go thru all that pain and to think He did it all for us is just amazing! Thanks for sharing!

    Have an awesome Easter!!

  4. Love the patina you've given the chair - you did wonders to give it a new lease of life - very apt for Easter!!! Hope you get to resurrect many more lovely chairs for gatherings!
    Easter blessings

  5. Hello there Angieberry! I love saying that! lol

    What a beautiful chair and sometimes the real beauty is hidden under years of grime. I saw the pieced together boards on it and thought immediately it is OLD...and gorgeous.
    Very nice how it turned out - and the chair pad isn't all that well.
    Hey, you should design a hooked one for it - make it the exact size/shape you want!

  6. A great rescue Angie, such a beautiful and shapely chair, enjoy your new old treasure! So happy for you, thx for sharing. Happy Hoppy Easter:)

  7. Hi Angie!! That always happens to me--when I have extra money to spend, I can't find ANYTHING..when I am broke, I can find a truckload I'd like to have!! Very pretty chair made prettier!! I may have to order some of that cleaner--I have a black walnut carpenter's chest that needs cleaned up. Love the soft patina you got on your chair! Have a wonderful Easter with your family!-hugs, Jan

  8. Ok Angie - I was all set to gush on and on about that beautiful and gorgeous chair - and it is beautiful and gorgeous....(AMAZINGLY so), but, then before I commented, I watched the video. WOW....Wow...just wow..... Thank you so much for sharing that......Easter Blessings to you my friend....Hugs ~ Robin

  9. Hi Angie,
    That chair looks awesome! Great job. I hope you have a wonderful blessed Easter.

  10. Angie, what an awesome find that chair was and I love how it turned out. Just perfect. Anyone who sits in it on Easter should feel honored. Loved the video. Called in the Mister to watch it too. We are so unworthy of the suffering Jesus went through so that we might live. And tomorrow so many people won't even give it a thought. I am so thankful I know the true meaning of the day and because he died I can live. Thanks so much for sharing.
    Have a Happy and Blessed Easter

  11. Oh Angie...I love that chair!!! If it goes missing...I don't have it. ~giggles~
    Thanks for sharing the video. Have a wonderful Easter.

  12. That is a nice looking chair and the video very touching as always. Happy Easter darlin'.

  13. Your chair is so lovely.. Turned out great.. I have this thing for chairs.. smile..
    Have a wonderful and blessed Easter my friend..

  14. I like how your chair turned out!!! Hopefully you'll be able to find some more at good deals once summer rolls around.

    Oh, thank you for posting that video on your blog. It's such a beautiful song...Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

  15. Oh Angie, the chair turned out gorgeous! Just love how it looks with the chair mat. Wishing you a blessed Easter. ~Sara

  16. I love the chair!! I have a lot of new projects on my mind, cleaning up and painting my findings too. Maybe it is, like you suggest: spring. I'm so full of energy and more creative.


  17. I love the chair. Happy Easter to you and your family.

  18. Good Morning, Angie,
    I love your little chair...excellent find! I have random chairs around the house too. We pull them all together when we have a lot of company.

    Easter Blessing to you and your family. Have a wonderful day together.

    Take care, ~Natalie

  19. Happy Easter Angie!
    I am amazed at the gift he gave! What he went through.
    I really like your chair! Girl, if I were closer, I could send you some of mine! I have had to walk away from some great chairs! I keep seeing them and yet, I don't need them!
    I will have to check out your refinishing product, sounds promising.
    I have been busy too, but my computer is being serviced at the moment! On my laptop, so I can't do pictures here!

  20. Just stoppin by Angie to say Happy Easter to my Prim friend!!!! HE is Risen!!! XOXO Love, Fran.

  21. Nice chair! You can't have too many, can you? I am a chair lover too. One of my favorites was a 4.00 yard sale chair.

  22. Happy Easter!
    Love your beautiful chair.

  23. Hi Angie!

    Happy Easter! This is a very touching video, thank you for sharing it. It breaks my heart to see what Jesus endured for me and for all of us but I am so grateful and full of love and adoration. Our redeemer lives :)

    I also love your chair! I think you got a great deal on it and I love the style!

    Have a great night! XO

  24. I think the chair turned out beautiful and in just and hour even better. I too love old chairs, I think I told you already. I can't wait to go to yard sales soon. I am looking for one in my upstairs family room. Good job. -Steph-

  25. Gorgeous chair! Love your find, great price too. It looks so good. :)

    I just read your comment, you should be able to see me in Reader! Hope it was just a glitch. I haven't been posting much anyway.

    Happy Easter!

  26. Hi Angie,
    You're chair clean up looks great!
    Thank you for sharing that video. It sure is hard to watch but praise God that wasn't the end!!

  27. Hi Angie,Love the chair you did a wonderful job.I hope you had a blessed Easter with friends and family.


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