Friday, March 15, 2013

Spring Cleaning

Lots of spring cleaning going on around here.  It takes time but I sure love the outcome!  Finished the laundry room and main bathroom.  Here are a couple of pictures from my laundry room.  My parents gave me a few baskets they bought at an auction.  This one resembled a sewing basket and I have been looking around for something to put my colored bobbins in.  I picked up the green bobbins a couple of weeks ago at my favorite antique mall in the Amish community of Chouteau, OK.  See my darling little heart?  That was a free gift in an order that I placed with Shari over at Homespun and Primitives a couple of years ago.  She is so sweet!

I bought this sewing machine drawer last summer at the same antique mall for $5, along with the tallest bobbin for $3.  I found the box of thread at another antique mall for $2.  I was buying it for the old box alone... imagine my surprise when I opened the box and found it full of American Thread Co. embroidery cotton skeins!  The toddler dresses hanging behind were worn by my mom, who is now 78.  The lovely ditty bag was made and gifted to me by Linda over at Parker's Paradise.  Another sweetheart!

From here, I moved on to the family room.  The cleaning part is basically done, now the fun part of re-arranging and decorating!  In-between all this cleaning, I am putting out the spring.  A few little chicks on the chippy old sewing machine cabinet.  I was able to add my father-in-law's Bible to our stack of family Bibles.  It is inscribed with his entry into the Navy in 1955. 

For over a year now I've been looking for a replacement shade for Rich's grandpa's table/lamp stand.  After taking a few back to the store for not looking right, I have decided to cover the one we have.  I narrowed it down to two ideas from Pinterest.  Now, which one to choose:

I have an old Bible that has literally fallen apart with many loose pages that I have been saving for a project like this so I thought that would be fun.  I will probably do this one.  I figure if I don't like it in the end then I can always cover it with burlap, lol!

Spring break starts today for us with all of next week off too.  The kids are pretty excited about 10 days off!  I'll be honest... looking forward to not having to get up at 6:30, hehe.  We will be spending most of that time with my parents with a few days in Branson, MO.  They live about 30 miles from there so it's always fun to go.

I honestly LOVE to organize and clean so spring cleaning is always fun for me, I actually enjoy it.  I'm truly grateful first of all for even owning a home and grateful for being able to stay home to make our house a cozy home for my family.

Always... THANK YOU for stopping by.  I appreciate your visit.
Have a delightful weekend~


  1. WHat a wonderful idea.
    Love all the bobbins and finds too.
    I collect bobbins also.
    I am spring cleaning too.
    Woolie Joy

  2. Morning Angie, found your sweet prim blog and now I am a new your little brooms on another post.....Ahhh, Spring cleaning, still feels like winter here, Blessings Francine.

  3. Good morning Angie,
    I really enjoyed your projects and new displays. I should be starting on some deep spring cleaning but need to find the energy first!
    Hoping the warmer weather will give me a kick start and I can open a window while cleaning. Love the fresh spring air!
    Have a great weekend.

  4. Everything looks so nice! I have two old sewing machine drawers and they hold some quilting tools on my cutting table. I also have a few old bobbins in various sizes. It's fun to find these vintage things and then find places to display and/or use them.

  5. Everything looks great! Love the idea of covering the lamp shade in old bible pages. How neat. Can't wait to see it done. Have a good weekend and enjoy your spring break!

  6. I like the burlap covered lamp. I would love to do it too. But how to secure both sides of the burlap (the raw edges)? You'll always see where they come together ... And for my hanging lamp above the table: it'll be very visible.


  7. Hi Angie :) Such wonderful heirlooms you have throughout your home.
    I went through a phase of liking to Spring clean, but it was a quick phase... lol. I commend you for liking it. Yes, we should all be thankful for what we have, be it a lot or just a little.


  8. Have fun in Branson! I hope to go soon before it gets too hot :) Great ideas on the lamp shades....wishing you and the kiddos a wonderful spring break!!!

  9. Hello Angie!! I love your Spring cleaning!! I love when you can get to the fun part like the groovey things you have been showing us!! The cleaning part is a must but the decorating is the fun!! I really like your little displays of what you collect. They always look so cool when they are all together don't you think? Have fun in Branson. The sun is shining here but still yucky n cold. Only 2 days til Spring!! Woo Hoo!! XOXO Luv Fran.

  10. Amish goods are so nice. I envy those of you who live nearby Amish settlements. I'd be shopping every day, lol! Happy Spring cleaning to you also; I need to get busy doing some myself :)

  11. Angie I love that basket! It is wonderful. I will try not to envy you going to Branson. I do want to go there to see some show sometime,as I love country music. Hope your week has been good.


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