Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Old Wagon Planter

Better late than never, right?  Finally having time to play around in the yard.  Rich was pulling metal out of the shed to scrap and came across this old broken wagon that was left behind when we moved in 10 years ago.  

I planted pink SunPatiens and white Impatiens in it.

  He is actually the one that said hey, let's save that and plant flowers in it.  Glad he did, it sure makes a cute planter to stand in front of the bird feeder stand.

It's officially summer!  Have fun playing in the sun and make some fabulous summer memories!

  ~ Enjoy your journey ~ 

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  1. I like Rich. :) He has great ideas. ;) Old wagons make great planters!

    I also have a couple of wagons that have fallen apart. They were my great-grandma's, but when she gave them to me they hadn't quite fallen apart yet, but I still treasure them. I can't wait to use them again when we move!


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