Monday, January 2, 2017


You know how you just feel like you're in limbo?  Not sure what you're doing or where you're going?  I'm pretty sure I've been on that ride for the past couple of years and never realized it until recently.  If I was really honest with myself, I'd say more than a couple of years.

I've been cruising through life at lightning speed.  Everyone smile big... let's get that photo to document what we've done and let's get moved on to the next.  

I'd say it's past time to slow this life down and actually enjoy it... the bad along with the awesome.  I'd say it's time for some overhauling to commence.

But... where to start?  Overwhelming it is.  So many areas of my life need this.  Decluttering.  Tonight I started with social media.  It felt so freeing to let go of things and people that wear me out, bring me down.  

A good start.  A very long way to go.  But... I am determined.  And you don't stand in my way when I'm determined.  

My wardrobe.  Why do I feel the pressure from family and friends to stay on top of the trends?  That's not me and never has been.  Comfort... that's what I am all about.  My favorite outfit at this time is cropped jeans, faded red Pops shirt, flannel, and converse.  That is where I feel the most like me, comfortable and that's the direction my closet will be going.

Our home.  It will see many changes come its way.   I've loved the dark primitive colors for many, many years and never saw myself changing.  Not white.  Definitely no white in this home.  Yet... something is drawing me to that chippy white farmhouse look.  When I think too long about it, or look around my home... it almost scares me to think of such change.  At those times, I go to Pinterest for inspiration.  Those dark and muted barn reds, mustards, and blacks are giving way to aqua, red, and white.  

The journey.  A Vintage Journey... how appropriate for my business name that I created in 2015.  I was searching back then but going in circles.  It is most definitely a journey I am on.  A mission.  

I am not one to make resolutions or even set goals.  When I finally decide in my head and in my heart what I want, then I work on fulfilling those desires.  But there is just something freeing, uncontested about a new year... new ideas and new plans to birth.

And it starts now.


  1. Yes! I understand your heart. I've been doing a lot of the same. ❤

  2. Yes, many things and people can bring us down. Life can be that way. Hoping that you find the best for yourself. It's OK to not "fit the norm", I have finally discovered. 'Still wearing tye-dye and bell-bottom jeans, lol. Looking forward to more blog posts from you.


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