Saturday, January 23, 2010

Cabinets, Paint, Mexico!

Sometimes it can be frustrating if you know in your mind what you want, but trying to find it in a store is a different story! Know what I mean?! We looked online for about an hour and a half Thursday night for some cabinets for the kids' catch-all area in the laundry room. Nope. Nothing. Well, nothing in the price range that I set for this little project. Yes, we can go over what I allotted but that would mean a delay in getting this room done. A delay in this room would mean a delay in my craft area. And I sure don't want that to happen! =] Everything we found had huge shipping costs attached to it! I'm talking like as much as the cabinet itself. So... this morning we dropped the kids off at school and headed out for a full day of shopping for that perfect cabinet that is in my head. This picture is not of "my perfect cabinet", but the closest thing I could find, $99:

I just wanted to share it with you because it'll be a couple of days before we can set it up and see if it'll work.

I found this FREE neat little tool on Sherwin-Williams website.  You take a picture of the area you want to paint.  "Mask" it off, and then select the color you want and it shows you what it will look like.  The stuff hanging on the wall has been masked over because I didn't want to go in and tediously mask around it so I just covered it all.  Now mind you, due to monitor limitations the colors are not completely accurate.  In fact, it almost looks rose in this picture, but it is really one of their darkest red colors.  You get the jest of it.  How about this for my dining room?

Or stay like it is...

I've been debating this color change ever since I painted the family room (the room off to the right in this pic) during spring break 09.  I picked out about 20 color swatches of the dark red.  Narrowed it down to one and taped the swatches to my walls.  I moved them around all summer and fall.  Then one day I just gave up and decided to leave it like it was because I couldn't decide.  I am probably the most indecisive person you will ever meet in your life.  Really, it is ridiculous!

So... here I go again!!  Decisions, decisions, decisions!!  I was going to buy the paint today, but ran out of time because of the cabinet ordeal.  Honestly and truly, what do you think of my 'Sun dried Tomato' wall color?  Ditch it or keep it??

I have a little bit of time to think about it.  Everything is getting ready to be put on hold.  I'm going on vacation!  Woo Hoo!!  Except without Rich or the kids.  So that's gonna be kinda weird.  Next Wednesday, the 27th, I head out to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico!!!  Hello sunshine!  I'm so excited, yet sad about leaving my family.  My parents live in Mexico during the winter months.  The first half of the winter they live in a village a little north of Puerto Vallarta.  Then the last half of the winter, they move up to central Mexico (because the beach gets too hot, so sad!) to Guadalajara.  Because of Rich's incredible flying benefits from working for American Airlines, I fly FREE!  I stay with my parents for FREE!  And while there, they spoil you rotten by taking you out to eat almost every single meal.  How could I pass up an offer like this??

I'm so glad my parents have internet and a laptop where they live. I can sit out in the sun by the beach and keep up with my blogs!! =] Yes, they live that close to the beach. It is an amazing time, I've been there before.

Well, lots and lots to do before I leave.  I have a home to clean (because I'm a freak like that.. can't leave a messy home even though my kids will be making a mess while I'm gone), camera to get ready, summer clothes to dig out (that's going to be nice for a change!!).

Don't worry; I won't be rubbing in the perfect paradise weather of 80 degrees.  I'll just wait and post some pics for ya.  Have a wonderful week ahead and I'll be checking in from time to time.

 I am grateful for opportunities like this that God places before me. To travel and see his beautiful creation, to get a glimpse and a taste of paradise. Then to realize that it's not even a drop in the bucket compared to the eternal paradise awaiting me one day with Him!


  1. I am just like you!! My entire house needs painted....every room except one...and I can't even pick a shade of TAN that I want! I get so frustrated with myself when I see other people who change things and redo rooms so effortlessly! You will probably hate me, but I prefer the color that is on your walls now! The other looks nice, but everything shows up better with the light paint. Hope you make a decision soon. Whatever it is, it will look great!

  2. Oh...sunshine, sand in your toes, a laptop, eating out......Oh MY..I'm jealous!! I would not miss it either.
    I like the wall color the way it is now too. If you just have to change it go with the lighter colors so your beautiful things will show off.
    Have fun on your vacation and be careful, keep us posted, etc..

  3. In order...Cabinet-Love it!
    The paint, I can't shows up with pink tones here. I love color so I think that adding color in there would be beautful...and a brown red would be perfect.
    Mexico? Jealous! :)

  4. Yes! Go for the sun-dried tomato! (I'm referring to the paint...)


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