Sunday, January 17, 2010

Slight Progress

I've been working all weekend in my laundry room, turning it into the kids' catch-all room.  Whew!  We have too much stuff!!

There are three areas of this room that I'm going to re-purpose.  The first area-- it is the area behind the door as you walk into the room.  This door is always left open because it leads to a bathroom.  So this door to the room kinda acts like a door to this "closet".  All the stuff is hidden, because you have to walk in the room and shut the door to see what is behind the door.  I like it that way!  It's all very accessible, yet hidden.  Perfect!

Here is the YIKES! before picture (and before painting)...

Here is the after picture.  I hope you can tell a difference.  Lol!

The top 4 shelves belong to cases of pictures that are waiting patiently to be scrapbooked.  My soon to be 11 year old (as of next week) daughter has the next shelf.  Yes, along with all her scrapbook supplies, the Cricut is on her shelf.  I bought it with intentions of using it all the time with my scrapbooking but somehow it has become hers with her many school projects.  I will say I'm thankful to have it; her project boards look rather smashing when the Cricut is used.  So far... an "A" on every project.

Then we have the little guy's shelf.

Am I insane for putting Play-Doh, stamp ink, paint, chalk and markers at the reach of a 4 year old?!?  Probably so!  I brought him in and showed him his little shelf.  I wish I was recording him.  He was oh so excited to have his own little place for all his neat stuff!  I sat him down and we discussed how important it is to tell Mommy or Daddy when he wants to work on something.  Then we get the clear table mat and take it to the dining room table.  When we are done, we put it all up and put it back in its place.  If not, then everything gets put up where he can't have it.  He's pretty good about listening.  Even at four years old, he understands consequences.  We'll see how it all pans out.  Actually, I look at it as investing in him and influencing his creative side.  I love being able to offer him choices at his age.

Yah!  Stage one completed!  Stage two started!  Gotta love progress, right??

I'm grateful for kids that get almost as excited as me when it comes to organizing and taking care of their things.  I believe it's very important to teach them to respect and take care of all things that God has blessed us with.


  1. You've been very busy! GOod job! It's great they have a shelf of their own...makes it special for them!
    I love your teaching methods for gratefulness, order, and respect. Thats awesome....

  2. Big difference. I think your three messages for children here are so important...and getting so lost. Especially respect. Great job! And happy Tuesday!

  3. :) Yay! I can't wait to see it. I've been in that mood too! Today I tackle under the kitchen sink...tomorrow the world!

  4. I love organization - it's just getting there that's hard!

    I would have loved a closet like this when I was a child!! It's almost like a tiny store.

  5. I'm so motivated by all you are doing!


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