Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My purchases

Girls, don't you just adore my new Valentine's pillow?  I just LOVE it! I bought this from  Shari at Homespun and Primitives.  That link is for her website to purchase her wonderful handmades and that girl is always throwing things on sale to give you a great deal!

You can also go to Shari's delightful blog:  Homespun and Primitives.  She is always showing her beautiful creations and telling you when she is having a sale.  I also bought this lovely star candle holder that will look awesome in my patriotic living room!

I can't remember what I paid for these items but I do remember thinking that I was stealing them from Shari!!  When I opened my box and saw how wonderful these items were, I wanted to send her more money because I felt like I was ripping her off!

Not only did Shari have a variety of colors for me to choose from for the pillow and star, she also surprised me with a little brown bag.  Don't you just love surprises!  This sweet little homespun heart with a rusty bell was in the bag!

Thank you so very much Shari!  You are a real sweetheart and very talented!  I love my handmades and will treasure them for years to come!  Please go visit her, I promise you won't be disappointed!

 I don't get to purchase very many prims from you all because we have been following Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University.  I'm happy to report that we paid off a loan today!!  YAY!!  Now we have two loans that total $5,000 and a student loan from when my husband went to school for Avionics... that one is a big one but we are tackling it one month at a time.  Sorry, I'm just so excited about it that I haven't slept for two nights, haha!  So I had to share with you.

My sweet little baby girl turned 12 this past Saturday.  I love you with all my heart Amariah Jade and I'm glad God blessed our family with your precious life!  She is the one on the right.

Well that's it for today.  I've been cleaning and organizing my kitchen.  Whew, what a job!  Gotta get it nice and clean so I can get in there tomorrow and make a big mess, lol.  I am going to be waxing some fake fruit, clothespins, and icicles.  I'll share with you all soon.

For those of you still laden with snow, I wish we could take it from you.  We've only had a couple of inches all winter and we are wanting more!  It's been getting in the 50's here, the birds are coming back and singing to us, and the sun is setting later and later.

Have a delightful week my friends~


  1. Hi Angie!!!! Love love your new pillow & Star candle holder & the heart are very nice.... I'll have to check out her site.And your daughter is a cutie please wish her a belated birthday from me..They grow so fast its scary..And I can send ya some snow gf!!!! We are due for another 9 to 12 inches this will be the 5th storm in just January..I'm so ready for Spring..Hugs

  2. Love the items!
    Happy Birthday to the little girl, Wow 12!
    Congrats on "Dave Ramsey" paying off the loan! Way to go!!!!
    enjoy your evening!

  3. I love your pillow - it's fab that Shari personalised it for you!
    Happy belated birthday to your beautiful daughter!
    Best wishes

  4. Hi Angie,

    Love your new goodies, Shari does very nice work. Happy birthday to your daughter, they grow up way too fast. Congrats on your commitment to paying off your debts, it is a great accomplishment and not easy. Keep it up!

  5. Hey Angie, love your pillow! I have ordered quite a few things from Shari, good stuff!! Happy belated birthday to your daughter!! Good for you on getting those loans paid off, maybe I should look into Dave!


  6. Good evening, Angie,
    You did get some pretty sweet items there. Thanks for the link...I'll head over there next.

    Happy Birthday to your daughter. Enjoy her while she's under your roof!

    Have a thoughtful Thursday. ~Natalie

  7. Oh Angie, that pillow is the best!
    Good for you having discipline and getting a loan paid off, isn't that the best feeling!
    Your daughter is just beautiful, she has such a great complexion and wonderful smile!
    Good luck with your fruit waxing, can't wait to see the end result!

  8. Hi Angie, your pillow is adorable!! I love the star candle holder too. Tell your daughter, Happy Birthday!!!!

  9. Hey Angie, looks like you got yourself some 'win' as my oldest son says! LOL Those are very cute items!

    Congrats on paying off the loan ~ it is the most wonderful feeling isn't it? Our church had a Dave Ramsey course recently.

    Have a great evening!


  10. Hi Angie, Love your pillow and other goodies. I will trade you all of our snow and cold weather for your 50 degree weather. Wish your daughter a belated birthday.

  11. I love your new pillow - your header picture looks great! The star candle holder is awesome. What an adorable 12 year old - I'm sure you're a proud Mama!


  12. Waxing? I love it! I am going to wax some awesome Belsnickle candles that I found at Goodwill today! I had seen the ones on different blogs--black wax belsnickle statues. They pour the wax into a mold, cool and rub with spices. Well, these little guys are already shaped perfectly and they have a wick on top so I can just dip them! When they're solid, I will just cut the wick off. I'm definitely going to post these.
    I waxed clothespins last month--gave some away in my giveaway. I have a bunch of wooden eggs that I want to wax, too. And more candles, too. It's like--what can I wax next? lol
    Love your pillow. I swiped a picture of it so I could make one someday. Right now, I'm cutting out stockings and britches.

  13. Firstly Angie, congratulations on paying off the loan. We are tight also for the same reasons, we are not doing David Ramsey but similar. You deserve to buy yourself a little something! I will be happy when I can also start buying some things from all my new blogging buddies. Happy Birthday to your daughter!!

  14. I love your purchase! That pillow is so cute :0) Happy Birthday to your daughter. They grow up way too fast. I can't wait to see what you are working on. Try not to mess up that clean kitchen ;)

  15. Your new pillow is pretty & the verse it wonderful. Happy Birthday to your Daughter. My only Daughter is almost 20. I am so thankful she still lives at home. When the day comes that she decides to fly away from the nest I will be crying. Your crafts sound very interesting. I will be waiting for your post on them. Dancing in joy for you. Congrats on paying off a loan. I would ship you some of our snow if I could. Blessings!

  16. Love the pillow. And all the new goodies. I am off to check out the website and blog. Tell you daughter a Happy Belated Birthday. It thrills our hearts to get bills paid off. I know as we are a one income family. I have been blessed to stay home for 37 years, but financially it does have its disadvantages. I am so proud for you.

  17. First let me say a belated Happy Birthday!!!!!

    And...I so respect anyone who can set themselves a goal AND STICK TO IT....yeah for you and congratulations for achieving one of them already!

    I'm loving all your purchases and Shari does wonderful work doesn't she?


  18. Hi Angie, I have to read one of Dave Ramsey's books, everyone has me curious!Stop by for a chance at my giveaway of a year subscription to Taste of Home magazine, it's ending in a few days!

  19. Love all your new goodies..


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